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I was absolutely incredulous when I first heard the specifics of Mitt Romney’s (R – 1955) energy policy. In a nut shell, he pledges “North American” energy independence in just 8 years. How? Entirely via supply-side reforms of the fossil fuels industry. Note there is not a single mention of managing the demand side, even by way of something as simple and relatively unintrusive as improved CAFE standards. But with all of these shale oil and tar sands resources, surely we can drill our way to oil prosperity, right? I’m not so sure. (And I’m even going to ignore […]

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Governor Ted Strickland and OSU President Gordon Gee were on hand for the official dedication of the currently largest solar farm in Ohio located in Wyandot.  The solar panels were all manufactured in Ohio.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the alternative energy mandate that passed as part of Governor Strickland’s energy regulation plan will require “at least 300 megawatts of solar power generation by 2025.” 

Spokeswoman Terri Flora said AEP plans to add about 10 megawatts of solar power annually from 2011 through 2024. Those additions can come from big farms similar to Wyandot or from multiple […]

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While the wingnut blogosphere is abuzz with the House Republicans staging an energy revolt and John McCain’s cries of “tell Congress to get back to work!”, house minority leader and GOPer hypocrite extroardinaire is…

wait for it….

wait for it……..


Yes. Golfing.

So to all wingnut bloggers: Tell John McCain to tell John Boehner to GET BACK TO WORK!

ROFL. This is too easy. Please don’t talk to me anymore about offshore drilling and the Democrats being on vacation. It’s obviously not a serious argument and like many suspected just a political game.

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