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In 2008, the General Assembly passed nearly unanimously Governor Strickland’s energy policy which reversed the disasterous (in the words of the conservative Ohio Manufacturers Association) electricity deregulation policy passed in the 1990s (which, ironically, was strongly pushed by… the Ohio Manufacturers Association who later learned to regret their deregulation=better for business myopic world view.)  Now, with Governor Kasich in office and complete GOP control of state government, the very policies the GOP supported way back in 2008 is under attack by pro-fossil fuel zealots with their outdated, Stone Age views on energy policy.

Enter Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist Kevin […]

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The Washington Post’s editorial board writer Stephen Stromberg points out some problems with Portman’s anti-“cap and trade” ad he released today.

And by “some problems” I mean it’s full of crap.

His plan relies on “support” — read: subsidies and other government interventions — for things that he likes — corn ethanol, nuclear power, natural gas, coal.

Some of these things might become an essential part of weaning the country off fossil fuels. Or not. We don’t really know, and that’s the point of cap-and-trade and other carbon pricing proposals — take the decisions regarding which green […]

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Tom Petty’s “Won’t Back Down” must be the official campaign theme song for the Strickland-Brown campaign.  Yet, again, Strickland enters to it.

Strickland starts off with former OSU defensive back “Wrong Way” Jim Marshall:

“For four years, we’ve invested in our people.  For four years, we’ve worked to develop jobs that cannot be outsourced.  We’ve moved Ohio for a solid foundation that will support our great middle class.”

“Like Jim Marshall, it doesn’t matter how fast [John Kasich] moves, he wants to move us in the wrong direction.”

Strickland says we made Ohio on of the first in the nation […]

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Rob Portman is hitting the airwaves with this new ad opposing cap-and-trade.

It’s an interesting move in that given most of the electorate (including, purportedly, nearly half of Ohio Republicans) don’t know Portman, I’m surprised he didn’t start off with a soft biographical spot.

The ad really is pretty good.  No distracting visuals.  A crisp, clear message that is well delivered whatever you think of its merits.  It’s a substantive ad that avoids even mentioning Fisher and doesn’t even come off as a negative ad.

Portman’s clearly banking that no viewer will go to his campaign website and read his […]

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One of the provisions in the state budget passed last year was the creation of renewable energy districts.  WKYC in Cleveland notes that the City of Cleveland and sixteen suburbs are the first communities in the State to take advantage of the new program.  In fact, it might be the first of its kind in the entire country.

As WKYC explains how the programs works and how it encourages the implementation of energy conserving technologies that would otherwise be cost prohibitive:

A Renewable Energy Special Improvement District is an mechanism which allows property owners in participating communities to […]

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When they weren’t busy end scientific practices that don’t seem to exist in Ohio anyways, the Republican-lead State Senate was able to reach an agreement with the Democratic House on restructuring the State’s tangible property tax credit so that it ceases to be a barrier to the development of renewable energy projects in the State.

As Dave Harding at ProgressOhio noted, the State’s tangible property tax was four to ten times higher than neighboring States taxes for renewable power projects.

From the Governor’s office:

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland released the following statement on the passage of Senate Bill […]

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Governor Ted Strickland is traveling to Dallas, Texas on Monday to attend the 2010 American Wind Energy Association Annual Conference.? The Governor’s office has told the media that Governor Strickland will be announcing a “groundbreaking announcement regarding offshore wind energy in Ohio” during his panel discussion with Iowa Gov. Chet Culver and Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter, Jr.

Under Governor Strickland’s leadership Ohio has become the leading manufacturer of wind energy components in the nation.? Within the next year, Ohio will have seventy times more commercial wind turbines constructed in the State than when the Governor took office.

A […]

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Be sure to catch today’s must-read story in the Akron Beacon Journal about how there’s an international effort to develop wind power in Ohio as a direct result of policies enacted by Governor Strickland:

The state is aggressively pursuing wind as a new source of energy, jobs and economic development.

Six sprawling, large-scale wind farms with up to 436 towering turbines ? and a price tag in excess of $2 billion ? are proposed across western Ohio.

Although Ohio had lagged behind neighboring states in wind power, the passage of Strickland’s energy policy in 2008 has lead […]

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Ted Signs the Energy Bill

On May 1, 2008 By

After months of fighting to get a reasonable energy bill through the house, Governor Ted Strickland finally got his chance to sign SB 221 today- keeping big energy companies from raising our rates by up to 80% and committing the state to investing in renewable energy sources.

(ht to bsb)

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I know AEP is pissed about the new energy bill that just passed the house this morning because the bill – thanks to a lot of push-back by Governor Strickland – won’t let AEP immediately raise our rates like they wanted.

Funny coincidence though. Not but an hour after the bill was passed my power went out.

So I went to AEP Ohio’s website (my laptop battery is fully charged) and soon discovered that I’m not the only one.

8,584 AEP customers are without power in Franklin County right now. That’s 1.7% of their customers in the county.


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I just heard that the House FINALLY passed the revised energy bill 91-1. Don’t hold me to that number- but it definitely did pass.

It looks like Tom Patton (R-18) from Strongsville is the only one who voted no.


The actual vote was 93-1.


My power went out about 15 minutes after this vote finished and it’s still off! I hope this isn’t AEP’s way of protesting the passage of the energy bill.

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