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From a commenter.

This is what I just sent to Emily’s List. I live in Ohio.

I have been a longtime supporter of Emily’s List. I went to college with Ellen Malcolm and our fathers were college roommates. But this time I am not renewing my membership because I am furious that you have not supported/endorsed Jennifer. I have worked for her for the past year and know that she is the PERFECT EL candidate. She has even been bold enough to come out in favor of gay marriage. What more do you want from a candidate? […]

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Very interesting comment from a regular visitor.

Hey guys,
I got a “boilerplate response” to my email to “Emily’s list” including a link to their website that has multi-ethnic, multi-age, multi-gender pictures. I guess that they are selling we’re the “big tent” support. The reply came from a woman Stephanie Schriock President at least.

Sounds to me like EmiLEE’s List is now claiming they don’t really have to support women, despite that their entire reason for being, their stated purpose for existence, their entire donor base assumes, and has assumed for decades, that EMILY’s […]

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So in this post, calling out EmiLEE’s List political director, conspicuous MALE Jonathan Parker, for failing to put his organization’s money where HIS (not HER) mouth is, I linked to Women’s Campaign Forum.? Here’s how they describe themselves.

Our goal here is to give a real-world perspective into the world of women and politics: from the barriers women face in making the decision to run, to the sexism they encounter as candidates, to the institutional ?good ol? boys? club in our government.

And here’s the parent organization’s about page.

The Women?s Campaign Forum is dedicated […]

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The Women’s Campaign Forum has begun to wonder WTF is up with Jennifer Brunner being shunned by the likes of EmiLEE’s List.

The voters have already signaled their support in the polls ? so why are the boys at the top holding back??Why do national committees continue to tilt the playing field in favor of male candidates, without clear justification?

Hmmm…..why don’t we ask EmiLEE’s List political director, Jonathan Parker, why his organization, whose self proclaimed goal is the election of pro-choice Democratic women, isn’t supporting Jennifer Brunner, who Lee Fisher’s own supporters […]

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Or is EmiLEE’s List really just full of shit?? Just asking.

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When Jennifer Brunner wins this US Senate primary, over the expressed disapproval of EMILY’S List, what happens to EMILY’s List?? Here’s their stated purpose.

The EMILY?s List community knows the best way to build a progressive America is to elect more pro-choice Democratic women ? the women who?ll stand up and fight when our rights are on the line.

Jennifer Brunner?? Nah.? Here’s more.

How do we do that? First, we?ve got to make sure women candidates are running in the races that matter the most. EMILY?s List identifies and recruits smart women candidates to run for office at […]

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I largely agree with Modern’s take on Lee’s ad buy – if you have to put ads up in your base county, which happens to be the most expensive media market, at the expense of other markets where you are less known, you got trouble.

Additionally, where’s all that big money Lee raised?? Remember the core of the “inevitable Lee” argument?? Money.? Well, Lee is only going to be on the air for basically two weeks before the primary – I don’t include a weekend buy in those two weeks, it’s almost a waste of money to begin your […]

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Emily’s List has a new poll posted that consisted of 800 women voters. The news is devastating to the McCain/Palin surprise estrogenic ticket. Women aren’t buying what Sarah Palin is selling. That’s the short of it.

Full poll results (pdf)

First, they see the pick as overtly political and gimmicky:

First, this selection puts John McCain squarely in the realm of politics over principle in women voters’ eyes. Women voters see the choice of Governor Palin as being driven by politics rather than by any sense of conviction on Senator McCain’s part that she has the experience and […]

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