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Ed FitzGerald reclines, relaxed, methodically taking notes as though he were culling together arrows for his political quiver.

He glances up periodically to scan the reactions of the 125 Athens County Democratic Party members gathered at the local American Legion hall listening to area favorite Debbie Phillips introduce the man who will challenge Ohio Gov. John Kasich this November.

Athens County Democrats haven’t gathered a crowd so large for a party dinner since another local favorite, Ted Strickland, was running for governor in 2006. The doors to Post 21 have been flung open to allow in the cool Saturday night […]

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First of all….nice touch, Mr. Chairman.  This is how it’s done.  Everyone gets kicked in the teeth, is feeling low, and the day after the election, the state chair is making calls to give folks a pep talk.  Bravo.  Someone tell Lee Fisher that.

Redfern basically echoed this post, to say this result was not as bad as it’s made out to be.  (a post which I serendipitously published minutes before he called).  To quote, “you know what the day after election day is?  Wednesday.” Redfern said that the problem in 1994 was “institutional”, referring to how close ODP […]

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I’m voting for Tim McCormack

On November 1, 2010 By

The Cuyahoga County Executive race, once expected to be a very high profile campaign, is almost a footnote to tomorrow night’s result.  I think it’s chief effect will be to bring out Republicans and independents who vote for Ken Lanci and Matt Dolan, and perhaps some disaffected Dems who end up voting for Lanci.  Those Lanci voters might also split their ticket and vote for Ted, though, so that’s good news.

I decided a long time ago to vote for Tim McCormack.  First, you have to give this guy a ton of credit for getting enough signatures, over 4,000, to […]

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Time to check in on the Cuyahoga County races.  It’s not pretty.

Our nominee for county executive, Public Official #14 himself, Ed Fitzgerald, has one ad on his Youtube channel, which claims to have aired in September.  That probably means the first week of September, right before the September 7 primary, because I have yet to see it on Cleveland TV during the general.  Meanwhile, Republican Matt Dolan’s ads are running all the time, featuring, you guessed it, Public Official #14.

Ken Lanci, the much hyped independent who had promised to spend whatever it took to win, is […]

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Hilarious.  (h/t Scene.)

The 2,600-word literary adventure goes on to say that Neiheiser is not concerned about proclaiming his guilt or innocence (though innocence is a recurring theme), but in venting a few things that have been bothering him of late — most notably how federal investigators are prying eggheads who are making the county’s problems worse.

And how do they achieve this, you might ask? By tearing down the very system of commerce our great nation was built upon, says Neiheiser.

Imagine, a teabagger in bed with Ed Fitzgerald….rock on.

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If you go by yard signs, Terri Hamilton Brown is kicking Ed Fitzgerald’s ass.

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The first denial anyone has ever heard regarding the rampant rumors that Bill Mason is about to resign comes from one of his former prosecutors, Lakewood Mayor Ed Fitzgerald, currently running for County Executive.

I ran into Fitzgerald at a taping for Bob Conklin’s show on Time Warner local access, In The Spotlight, where I appear as a panelist with the PD’s Henry Gomez (!!!). ?Fitzgerald was Conklin’s first interview, and on his way out of the studio, I asked him if he planned to run for prosecutor when Bill Mason resigns. Fitzgerald laughed, hard, then paused, then said […]

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The candidates are jumping in fast and furious. ? I remember Ed Fitzgerald from his tenure in Cuyahoga County Young Dems. ?Wasn’t impressed. ?I suppose he’ll be vying for the big downtown money that would normally go to Joe Cimperman, which means Cimperman has a decision to make, quick. ?Add Fitzgerald to Republican, current non-Cuyahoga County resident Matt Dolan.

What are Fitzgerald’s chances? ?Mediocre, and if Cimperman gets in, less than mediocre.

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