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Hilarious comments keep coming in from people who seem like Eastlake North High School alums or students or whatever, for whom it’s no big deal to scream “powder blue faggots” in a crowd, on public property, where they have no reasonable expectation of privacy (that’s lawyer talk for all you bigots out there), but now all of a sudden claim their reputations are hurt!

this video is an invasion of privacy, just saying. that stupid asshole woman who video taped this should be sued out her ass.

Aside from the obvious fact that you can video anything you see […]

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This comment thread is pretty interesting – lots of defense of a bunch of kids chanting “powder blue faggots” like it’s a party.  The chief defense seems to be that it’s been going on a long time, kids are stupid, rivalry game, let ’em be.

Really?  That’s the defense?

What if you’re a gay kid at the football game, sitting down the bleacher from this?  Every week?  And let’s say you’re a gay kid in the closet, for whom coming out is simply unthinkable.  You’re supposed to go along with slurring yourself because this has been done for decades?  […]

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Anthony caught this.  There is an online petition circulating to have the principal address the issue.  I signed it, you should, too.  Everyone of these kids need to be named, and forced to make a public apology for their behavior.  The video is below, in which someone is caught saying immediately, “that was wrong. THAT was wrong.”

What makes this particularly sickening is that nearby Mentor High School has had four kids in the last two years commit suicide after being bullied.

It was the fourth time in little more than two years that a bullied high […]

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