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Governor Kasich’s fearmongering continues on Issue 2.  For the third time in two days, another news report of Kasich making outrageous predictions about what Ohio will look like after Issue 2 is defeated.

Two days ago, we wrote about how the Dispatch reported that Kasich said if Issue 2 is defeated on November 8th, then it means the private sector labor unions will get emboldened and somehow Ohio will have card check (even though we’ll still have a legislature controlled by the Republicans and Kasich as Governor.)  Then the Dispatch reported how Kasich threatened the same meeting of […]

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Any time Governor Kasich talks about privatizing the Turnpike, he talks about how easy it’ll be for the State of Ohio to get a couple of billion dollars for it:

"Wouldn’t it be fantastic if I could take another country in Ohio called the turnpike, if I could privatize it and generate as much as $2.5 billion, potentially?—Gov. John Kasich [Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer, (02/10/11)]

After all, Kasich and his pro-privatization allies argue, Indiana was able to get $3.8 billion for leasing its Turnpike.  Even with the credit markets as they are, we […]

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In today’s Columbus Dispatch:

"I and several of my fellow colleagues are in favor of a right-to-work state. Unfortunately, that’s not what this bill does, but it sets the framework for conversations later on."-  House Commerce and Labor Chairman Joe Uecker (R-Loveland)

Chairman Uecker finally admitted what the Republicans have long denied, that SB 5 is not about the State budget, it’s not about giving local government more flexibility, it’s about setting the stage to end organized labor in Ohio entirely.  And this comes from Joe Uecker, a former police officer.

A political gaffe has been said to be […]

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[UPDATE]: Attorney Victoria Ullmann testified earlier this week as an opponent to HB 1 (the “RobsOhio” bill).  By all accounts, she is the first person to bring this issue up.  It has caused a scramble in Columbus.  If anyone is responsible for calling attention to it.  It is her.  And she actually first brought this up back in January on her Facebook KasichWatch site.  Nice catch, Victoria!  You definitely were the first to catch this.

Turns out perhaps as many of two members of Kasich’s Cabinet are ineligible to serve under […]

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Today, Senator Tim Schaffer (R-Lancaster) introduced SB 69 which, if passed, would say that if you request the following from the State government:

Heating assistance Housing assistance Medical assistance Food Assistance

Then you must first agree to submit yourself to a urine screen.  If you refuse or if you test positive for any controlled substance that is not prescribed to you, then you are ineligible for any aid, but unemployment. (Yeah, I don’t know why that was the only one exempted either.)  The bill has no exception, even if you tested positive but are currently undergoing treatment.  Relapse? Too […]

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Just like Playboy, everyone has heard of us, but nobody will claim to have actually looked at anything we’ve published.  But they’re rip us off and hope nobody notices.

The Columbus Dispatch’s Daily Briefing blog has a post by Mark Niquette “confirming” our exclusive report that Kasich will name Inspector General Thomas Charles as Director of the Ohio Department of Public Safety, with the difference that the announcement will be made on Thursday instead of tomorrow.

Mark Niquette doesn’t say in the post he wrote whom he “heard” this information from in his post […]

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Apparently, Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine had the State’s Central Committee pass some sort of resolution condemning State Senator Tim Grendell’s (R-Chesterland) decision to forgo taking the House seat he won this November and instead staying for the remainder of his Senate term.

(Image Source: The Pullins Report)

Here’s a copy of Grendell’s letter to Chairman DeWine protesting that decision:

12-13-10 Kevin DeWine Letter

Note this on page 2: […]

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Yesterday, GONGWER reported Ohio House Minority Leader Batchelder said this in response to questions about John Kasich’s income tax proposal:

 “It was never his major proposal,” Mr. Batchelder said.  “It was something he had discussed at one point, and very frankly I think that it’s very clear that with the economy where it is now, that kind of a change cannot be made.”

“When he originally said it he said very carefully that it depends on the economy,” he said.

If I were still a reporter, I would have turned off my digital recorder and politely told the House Minority […]

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Here’s Tom Ganley earlier today in Roll Call (“Ganley won’t say whether he thinks Obama is Muslim):

“I don’t have a position on whether he’s a Muslim,” Ganley said Thursday in a telephone interview with Roll Call.

Here’s Tom Ganley just a few hours later in the Plain Dealer:

"For the record, he doesn’t believe the president is Muslim." [says Ganley’s campaign spokeswoman.]

The Ganley campaign claims that Ganley made the statement to Roll Call to indicate the irrelevancy he believes the question has.

Except, of course, that’s not what he said.  He […]

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The Dayton Daily News has confronted one of Ted Strickland’s “Wall Street” donors who are just as bad and responsible for this economic recession as John Kasich’s Lehman Brothers:

Buried on the 23-pages of contributions that GOP counted was $100 from Patricia Diven of Centerville who listed her occupation as ‘finance director.’

But Diven said she is no Wall Street insider. She said she works three days a week for a small non-profit agency with an annual budget of less than $500,000. She admitted that she did once visit Wall Street in the 1970s.

News that she had […]

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So, in order to deflect from John Boehner crying over the evil Democrats’ plan to regulate the helpless ant in Washington that is the major Wall Street financial industries, bank lobbyist Steve Stivers attacked Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy over comments that Speaker Pelosi made about GOP efforts to filibuster unemployment extension.

The Columbus Dispatch’s Daily Briefing covers the Stivers attack, the Kilroy counter-attack, followed by the Stivers surrender.

Here’s the Stivers attack:

The Stivers campaign called on Kilroy, D-Columbus, to defend or disavow comments by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., that unemployment checks are the […]

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