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Incompetent bastards

On March 1, 2007 By

Unbelievable. After years of disastrous foreign policy towards DPRK, Administration officials pretty much admit they screwed the pooch. Back in October, I pointed out that the restarted nuclear program in North Korea was the result of Republican foreign policy. I also noted that the Administration was actively hoping for a nuclear test. And now, they acknowledge that they’ve been enablers of DPRK’s nuclear ambitions.

For nearly five years, though, the Bush administration, based on intelligence estimates, has accused North Korea of also pursuing a secret, parallel path to a bomb, using enriched uranium. That accusation, first leveled […]

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Yeah, that’s right – our own Administration hoped that DPRK would test nuclear weapons for domestic political gain.

Before North Korea announced it had detonated a nuclear device, some senior officials even said they were quietly rooting for a test, believing that would finally clarify the debate within the administration.

Rice has even hinted that the test is a success of US foreign policy!

On her trip to Asia this week, Rice has come close to saying the test was a net plus for the United States. She has tried to deflect criticism by saying the test was an […]

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RAB posted this video last night – a “commercial” by David Zucker claiming that… well, I’ll let you watch it first, before I tear it to shreds.

Other than the insulting and obviously incorrect assertions that liberals are interested in “coddling terrorists” and “making nice”, the ad completely ignores the facts when it claims that Democrats “treat national security like a game”. So let’s run down the facts.

In 1989, DPRK begins their weapons program in the wake of declining Soviet power. The offical US position is that if DPRK comes into full compliance with the NPT (of […]

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