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DNC Gives ODP Lots of Threes

On July 14, 2010 By

That’s lots of threes:

The next FEC report will show the following transfers in June: $666,666 to the DSCC, $666,666 to the DCCC, $333,333 to the Ohio Democratic Party, and $333,333 to the Florida Democratic Party. These sort of numbers could potentially drive Sarah Palin and Iron Maiden fans mad.

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DNC in Ohio? Of Course!

On November 10, 2009 By

I agree with Potts. Ohio would be a great place to have the Democratic National Convention. I’m torn though. I think a road trip really works better for blogging and documenting going to something like this. Driving to Cleveland or downtown Cbus doesn’t precisely qualify as a road trip. One thing’s for sure, we’d rock the coverage if it comes to our state. David may even get more than a couple posts up about it, including photos of his access badge! Heh. I kid. I actually love that kind of stuff.

Outside of our obvious OH-IO bias, what […]

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The RNC will not have a moment like this. I was totally taken by surprise by how forceful he was. We were discussing in a live blog chat the The Chief Source that his speech could NOT be just like his other stump speeches. It was not:

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DNC Day 3: Building to History

On August 27, 2008 By

This was by far the best night of the convention. I was of the mindset that it was going along too slowly and overall was weak, but the more I think about it the more I realize every day built upon the other. Every speaker played a part to build toward history.

Day 1 we saw Ted Kennedy make one of the most courageous speeches in modern politics. For him to even make it out to Denver was an accomplishment. To then eschew a stool in his quest to pass the torch to a new generation of Democratic leaders […]

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My old boss and technophobe Brian Rothenberg is unbelievably doing high tech. things out in Denver. He’s using his cell phone to interview movers and shakers and get their thoughts and posting it on the Interwebs!

I just have to commend the job Dave Harding is doing in getting Brian up to speed with these things and also commend Brian for stepping out of his comfort zone to do it. Great work guys! The most recent is a candid interview with Brian’s former boss Chris Redfern. The Qik interface will let you watch all the other videos he’s […]

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Ted Kennedy at the DNC. Wow.

On August 25, 2008 By

Never has the moniker “lion” applied to him more. They set out a stool and he pushed it aside and gave an absolute killer speech.


He opened the door to the Iraq War hammering of McCain. Never commit our young people to a mistake. I have a feeling more people are gonna come crashing through that door.

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Rich Cordray is one of my favorite public servants for obvious reasons. The biggest reason is that Rich gets it. He knows how to use online tools and social media to reach out to people in ways that other officials don’t. I’ve also noticed that he takes this thinking offline frequently as well.

He also has some really good people working for him who get it. It’s no wonder he’s embraced new media in a way that others haven’t.

His latest is what he’ll be doing in Denver as part of the DNC. He’s not only putting up […]

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Reported within the hour at CNN:

DENVER, Colorado (CNN) — Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton will release her delegates to Sen. Barack Obama, a Clinton spokesman said Sunday, the eve of the Democratic National Convention.

Big reception on Wednesday where she’ll rally her troops. This time I hope it sticks. As I’ve been saying for some time now, she needs to forcefully say that any of her supporters who don’t support Obama, don’t vote, or vote McCain will be disrespecting her run. Period.

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If I Were In Denver, Part 1

On August 24, 2008 By

If I were in Denver, this is a story I’d be digging on. In bars. In hotels. In elevators. Dig. Exposing the nonsense that is the Clinton ego and finding ways to zap some of this division narrative would be a good bet. Of course, if it’s there, it’s there. Find it.

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Obama Bomaye!

Some tips for following all the action in Denver:

The Big Tent – This is a project of (sister site to ProgressOhio). Tons of information coming out of this. Had I been able to make it out to Denver this is where I woulda been hanging.

ODB: Jeff is in Denver. He’ll be blasting away. I follow him on Twitter, which is pretty much real-time for what he is doing and writing.

BSB: BSB Boyz Nick and David should have some stuff to add to Jeff’s. Been hearing they are […]

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The GOAT in Denver?

On August 21, 2008 By

Bowl me over with a stiff left jab! Tim has the news that Muhammad Ali will be in Denver for the Democratic National Convention. It’s no secret. I’m an Ali fan.


Reports are true. When he called me with the news I indeed spilled cut watermelon all over my kitchen floor. This news is making it even tougher to not be able to go out to Denver for the festivities, but I can’t. Sigh.

It’s also not lost on me the parallels between Ali and Obama in terms of strategy in both boxing and politics. It […]

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