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On Sunday the Dispatch ran a piece titled Casino deal a win for almost everyone, completely forgetting that they had called a much better deal “a rip off” just two years earlier.

The deal in question, proposed by John Kasich, allows racetrack owners to place VLTs (slots) at their tracks in exchange for a $50 million license fee and 33.5 percent tax on revenue.

The fee and tax rate of Kasich’s deal are MUCH lower than the deal proposed by Strickland back in 2009 of a $65 million license fee and a 50 percent tax on revenue. Clearly […]

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Joe Hallett, Senior Editor at the Columbus Dispatch and the individual in charge of their political reporting, can be an opinionated man. He has expressed a wide range of opinions, for example,  regarding our new governor. Back in November, you might remember, there was Triumphant:

Kasich has the guts to do what he believes must be done. It is well past time that a governor take on Ohio’s bloated education bureaucracy and its reform-stifling teachers unions. Kasich will do so.

It is well past time that a governor demand that local governments, including school districts, start consolidating and sharing […]

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