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Great piece in the Chicago Tribune highlighting much of what I’ve been saying about what Hillary must do. The question is will she become a loser the likes of Kerry or Kennedy? The difference will determine the nature of her future political power and it is surely something that is currently being calculated.

Clinton’s options, other than winning the nomination, are many. She may gain more leverage from losing than most any other failed presidential candidate.

The only way for her to accomplish this would be to campaign vigorously for Obama and get the sour grapes crowd to […]

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Last week in West By God Virginia it was 36 percent. Just 36 percent of Democrats who voted for Hillary Clinton said they would vote for Obama in a general election. This week in Kentucky it was 33 percent.

Two-thirds of Clinton’s supporters there said they would vote Republican or not vote at all rather than for Obama, according to the polls.

Forty-one percent of Clinton supporters said they’d cast their vote for John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee, and 23 percent said they would not vote at all.

This being the case all the while most […]

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I think it’s time for the online community to do so as well, including the Ohio blogosphere. Let’s show some leadership ourselves and form a tight circle around our nominee. Shall we?

Obama’s lead in Gallup is now commanding:

Sen. Barack Obama’s 16-point lead over Clinton in the latest Gallup daily tracking poll of Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters comes from even higher support among groups that have been supporting him throughout the primary race, and from newfound support among several groups that have backed Clinton

Obama’s strengths have all been increased while pulling closer in demographics typical of Clinton […]

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PlunderPedia: Dann Remorse

On May 13, 2008 By

Dann Remorse: That feeling you get when you know you were right to oppose a political candidate from the start but gave them the benefit of the doubt because they were on your side and you come to realize how right you were! Similar to the popular phrase “Buyer’s Remorse”.

I’ve been suffering from Dann Remorse for some time.

…but at least I have this collector’s tee!

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Yet another argument gone. The Super delegate gap has been closed and Obama now even leads:

I probably only do this because as I Kentucky native I constantly have to, but I’ve also known very bright people who were not racists that were from West Virginia. Roommate at West Point is one off the top of my head. Top flight guy. Love his Mountaineers!

I’ll let you say some, but not “West Virginians” or “Kentuckians”. To be honest, they are everywhere them hillbillies. I thought I wouldn’t see as many as back home when I moved to Ohio. […]

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Can we get this over with already:

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Hillary dismisses the Michigan delegate plan agreed to by state leaders. Surprised? Nah:

Camp Hillary is rejecting the new plan floated today by Michigan Dems that would seat the delegation by awarding 69 delegates to Hillary and 59 to Obama.

I thought giving her ten points in a race where Obama wasn’t even on the ballot was pretty fair.

Make it stop!!!

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The Detroit News:

Michigan’s Democratic leadership endorsed a plan late Wednesday that would seat Michigan delegates but partially penalize Clinton for the disputed nature of the primary, cutting her potential delegate advantage in the state.

The proposed compromise would give Clinton 69 pledged delegates and Obama 59. It would allow all 128 pledged delegates, plus Michigan’s 29 superdelegates, to be seated at the convention in Denver in August.

Clinton was to get 73 delegates if the Jan. 15 results were followed.

So that nets Hillary 10 delegates. Not gonna do it. No guarantee the rules committee will go […]

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After the voting is complete in Kentucky and Oregon, Obama will declare victory having the lead in every meaningful metric – and most importantly the delegate lead he has held since sweeping 11 primary contests in a row. Hillary, of course, will set up a nasty 11 day fight until the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee meets to consider what to do about Michigan and Florida.

From Politico:

On May 20 we’re going to declare victory,” said an Obama senior advisor who asked that his name be withheld to speak candidly, adding that after those contests they will be […]

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A Game Changer Indeed

On May 7, 2008 By

Obama won North Carolina convincingly. He nearly won Indiana. This was the game changer Clinton was looking for, only in the opposite. Barack Obama just showed the super delegates that he could take the worst two weeks of his campaign, come off a big loss in Pennsylvania, and bounce back to surprise everyone. He outperformed and it’s becoming clear that he is the nominee.

Based on my predictions, he outperformed my expectations in North Carolina by 3.4% and Indiana by a whopping 6.4%.

There really is no argument left for Hillary. I predict much hilarity will ensue. […]

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From the mailbag:

COLUMBUS – Ohio House Democratic Leader Joyce Beatty (D-Columbus) today selected State Representatives Jennifer Garrison (D-Marietta), Dan Dodd (D-Hebron) and Mark Okey (D-Carrollton) – all attorneys – to lead the Caucus’ efforts to explore articles of impeachment against Attorney General Marc Dann.

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