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[Disclaimer: This post is being offered for educational purposes only.  It is not intended to be legal advice, nor am I creating any attorney/client privilege.  The scope of this review is what is prohibited under Ohio law.  Individual agency policies may vary.  As always, I would advise anyone to independently consult with an attorney for questions about their legal rights in their particular situation.]

I’ve gotten at least one State employee who has e-mailed me an agency “policy” statement that suggests that any political activity by classified employees are prohibited on state property.  The general structure is a memorandum that […]

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I’m supposed to be worried because John Kasich’s 88-county GOTV full throated effort netted him only 100,000 more votes in his primary when compared to the Strickland campaign which ran no GOTV at all?

I’m supposed to still be concerned about a Tea Party movement that the Ohio GOP doesn’t worry about?

The GOP Auditor and Secretary of State primaries were ho-hum, even though the State GOP had to have spent over $1 million influencing those primaries?? Which, of course, is less money than they’ll have for the general election.

John Kasich best response to Ted Strickland’s ad really is […]

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Back on the 8th, the Columbus Dispatch ran a story by Mark Niquette titled “GOP swelling as Ohio voters switch parties” that was breathlessly picked up by just about every major newspaper in Ohio.

After reading it, you’d expect that you are the only person in Ohio who hasn’t left the Democratic Party for the Republican Party, and therefore, are missing out of the hottest political fad.

Except it’s all bullshit.

The Ohio Democratic Party has researched the story and found it to be one part highly misleading and one part out right false.

First, the Ohio Democratic […]

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And Lee Fisher’s campaign refuses to even confirm to the traditional media that his campaign has formally asked for an endorsement.

74,000 e-mails were sent out in the first 48 hours alone.  And given that the Brunner campaign didn’t send it out until late Friday, there’s a good chance that they’ll be another smaller surge today as some people are just learning about it for the first time.

Here’s the message from Brunner campaign manage David Dettman to supporters this morning:

You have spoken collectively with strength and vigor.  In the first 48 hours you sent over 74,000 e-mails to […]

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More Vindication for ACORN

On December 12, 2009 By

Brian previously posted about findings of an independent investigation which cleared ACORN of institutional wrongdoing. Now a judge has ruled that the government’s attempt to cut off federal funding for the organization was unconstitutional.

NEW YORK ? The U.S. government’s move this fall to cut off funding to ACORN was unconstitutional, a federal judge ruled Friday, handing the embattled group a legal victory.

U.S. District Judge Nina Gershon issued the preliminary injunction against the government, saying it’s in the public’s interest for the organization to continue receiving federal funding.

Big win for ACORN and for American democracy […]

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I like Ohio House Elections and Ethics Committee Chairman Dan Stewart (D-Columbus).? He was the main Democratic sponsor of H.B. 176, the bill that would have added sexual orientation and gender identity to Ohio’s housing and employment anti-discrimination laws.? But I don’t understand what his committee is doing killing the Golden Week of voting.

Today, his Committee voted out H.B. 260, which would make substantial changes to Ohio’s election laws.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, the Democratic House bill would get rid of the “Golden Week”- wherein people could register to vote and then cast an […]

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Putin’s soul: black

On November 26, 2007 By

George Bush, after meeting Vladimir Putin in 2001:

I was able to get a sense of his soul, a man deeply committed to his country and the best interests of his country.

But this weekend…

The OSCE’s election monitoring unit announced earlier this month that it would not attend Russia’s election, saying Moscow had refused to provide visas to its staff.

Mr Putin said the boycott decision “was taken on the recommendation of the American state department”.

“The aim is to discredit the elections, but they won’t achieve their goal,” he said.

“We will certainly take this into account […]

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The possible new AG

On September 17, 2007 By

Rumors are that Michael Mukasey will be tapped by Bush to be the new Attorney General. I don’t know a lot about the man, other than the disappointing fact that he ruled that US citizen Jose Padilla could be held without charges as an “enemy combatant” by President Bush (even tho he did force the gov’t to let Padilla have access to a lawyer. Small steps, I suppose.).

However, what piqued my interest wasn’t that he’s a Yalie; it’s that his son Marc works for Giuliani’s law firm (heading up the white collar crime defense practice in NYC). Am […]

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No comment needed except… 1) Wow! and 2) It will be interesting to see how this story will play out alongside the presidential primary election cycle. Surely there will be a hailstorm of commentary on that over the next few days.

DES MOINES, Iowa – A Polk County judge on Thursday struck down Iowa’s law banning gay marriage and ordered the county recorder to permit gay and lesbian couples to marry.

Less than two hours after word of the ruling was publicized, two Des Moines men applied at the Polk County recorder’s office for a marriage license, and for the first time the application was accepted. The process of granting a license to marry in Iowa takes three days.

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PBS provides evidence of the GOP fixing the election here in Ohio. Of course, this will be ignored because of “media bias”.

Was there a White House plot to illegally suppress votes in 2004? Is there a similar plan for the upcoming elections? This week NOW examines documents and evidence that points to a Republican Party plan designed to keep Democrats from voting, allegedly by targeting people based on their race and ethnicity with key battleground states like Ohio and Florida of particular interest. “It was a partisan, discriminatory attempt to challenge voters of color,” Eddie Hailes, a senior […]

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When I finally got close to the front of the line at my polling place in 2004, a pollworker told me to cover my T-shirt. It had the words “Vote Explosion” on it.

Seeing as I had nothing to cover it with and had just spent 3 hours in line, I politely pointed out that there was no partisanship expressed by the shirt. Vote Explosion was just a loose group of friends registering folks to vote at rock shows. She replied that they were trying to avoid even the slightest possible implication of impropriety.

OK, fair enough. Polling places are supposed to be inner sanctums of nonpartisanhip. Neither voters nor pollworkers may wear political shirts, stickers, or buttons within a 100 foot radius. Although the words “Vote Explosion” aren’t explicitly partisan, neither are the words “Eagle Forum” or “MoveOn.” I think it was a wise move to err on the side of overzealousness, and simply prohibit T-shirts bearing all of the above.

The guy behind me in line loaned me his sweatshirt, and I was able to step forth to express my partisanship in the privacy of the voting booth. As an ongoing tribute of thanks to sweatshirt guy, ever since that day I’ve stowed an extra large, plain T-shirt in my purse whenever I go to vote – just in case a fellow voter is asked to cover up.

Until I read Monday’s Columbus Dispatch, it had never occurred to me that I might someday want to offer my spare shirt to a pollworker.

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