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Hey TruthPAC, Where’s Delaware?

On October 12, 2009 By

TruthPAC, the anti-casino Issue 3 spam machine, just stepped in it. A reader forwarded to me their site bashing Lyle Berman by asking (in Where’s Waldo fashion) where he is. It’s cute. By half.

Problem. The out-of-state developer who put the neat little javascript rollover doesn’t even know where Delaware, Ohio is! (hint: it’s NORTH of Columbus jackasses, not SOUTH!)

Nice work with the big bad rich boogeyman backer argument though. Should your opponents on the other side start screaming about George Soros now or later?

Maybe they should have asked their partners ProgressOhio where […]

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ID Issues in Delaware (Updated)

On November 4, 2008 By

Update: Posted this via phone before. Here are more details. Location was Delaware Precinct 2F at 140 S. Washington Street (Zion A.M.E. Church). Holloway was the precinct captain. When we pulled up a woman flagged me down to ask a question. She said she recently moved and didn’t have anything with her current address on it. I told her she didn’t have to and to come back in. She parked again and came in behind us as we were talking to Holloway. We asked him what happened and he said her address didn’t match so he asked her if she […]

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Quick video from my canvass today:

Note: Using a flip type camera, which is kinda hard to know if you are in the frame or not. LOL.

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