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Looks to me like there’s a sanity streak breaking out amongst some Republicans.

$47,621.14 raised

$51,174.85 spent

$27,319.20 cash on hand…

I’ve got nothing against the Tea Party folks.? I agree with probably 90% of what they stand for.? But being angry at Democrats and some Republicans and showing up at a rally every twenty years or so is not enough….

Beware the siren song of the teabag. ?In the heat of the moment, passion rushing through you like Sophia Loren’s probing tongue, it seems like a good idea, but you won’t respect yourself in […]

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I already reported on my fun with Ed Fitzgerald at last week’s taping of Bob Conklin’s TV show. ?But imagine my surprise as I walked out of the studio, and in the lobby for the next taping were more reporters for another roundtable, and featured guest David Yost, then Republican candidate for attorney general, now Republican candidate for state auditor!

On Yost’s lit piece for AG was the line “David Yost is an active leader in the pro-life movement.” ?Huh. ?David Yost has a position on abortion! ?Before David Yost headed back with the reporters to the studio, I […]

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Forget the GOP Senate primary.? If you’re looking for evidence of Tea Bagger rebellion in the GOP in Ohio, look at the potentially GOP primaries for the Secretary of State’s race (Former House Speaker/Man of Many Residences Jon Husted v. County Treasurer/Social Conservative gladfly Sandy O’Brien) and the Attorney General’s race (Former U.S. Sen. Mike DeWine v. Delaware County Prosecutor David Yost.)

Last night, the Yost campaign announced it was endorsed over DeWine by the Butler County Republican Party.? If you’re not familiar with Ohio GOP geopolitics, let me explain it to you this way.? Think about your […]

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