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DISCLOSURE: I am presently one of the attorneys representing David Krikorian and the Krikorian for Congress Campaign Committee in defense of a defamation lawsuit filed by Congresswoman Jean Schmidt.

Roll Call breaks the story that the Office of Congressional Ethics is investigating Congresswoman Jean Schmidt and her arrangement with attorneys of Turkish-American organizations who have been providing her with legal services at no charge for a few years now.  Advancements of credit that the Congresswoman has yet to report as a gift or a loan in her annual congressional ethics filings. 

Schmidt attorney Bruce Fein declined to […]

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Last week, Congresswoman Jean Schmidt announced she was creating a legal trust fund… to pay for her libel suit against former ‘08 Independent opponent David Krikorian (who ran, but lost, in the Democratic primary this year.)

Schmidt announced the trust fund after questions were being raised about who was paying her lawyers, who actually are from a Turkish special interest group… which is rather unusual in that it’s Schmidt’s unusually high level of Turkish fundraising and opposition to recognizing the Armenian genocide (not exactly a barn burner of an issue back home in the Second District, and yet, […]

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All the David Krikorian hoopla has led to a very unrelated, but no less interesting, result.? Subodh Chandra confirms the central allegation of this cover story from the Cleveland Independent, which I wrote and researched in August, 2009.

That you did this, sir, is actually not “shocking.” It is a natural human thing to do to try to advance yourself. It may have seemed innocent and “real politik” enough at the time. After all, I’m sure you thought, aren’t you just describing reality–the world as it is, not as you want it to be? I’m sure that State […]

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Here’s a shocker!? State Representative Todd Book (D- Portsmouth) has a problem with name recognition in the more populous western part of the district.? This is news to absolutely nobody, but, apparently, the Krikorian campaign who has spent money on yet another poll on the race in their public relations blitz to make his candidacy seem unbeatable.

Whenever I get a campaign poll, I’m already suspicious,? but when all I get is a press release with not even a redacted or abridged version of the poll data, I’m downright distrustful.? It leaves me having to parse the word-choice carefully to […]

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