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This is such a great story.

The board printed voter registration forms and voting instructions in Spanish and provided bilingual ballots for 71 precincts with sizeable Hispanic populations.

The county printed nearly 70,000 bilingual ballots for the precincts, almost all of which were in Cleveland. That cost an extra $30,000. Printing costs will increase about $400,000 next year for each extra page needed to include translated language of ballot issues.

The county’s test drive for the new ballots seemed to work well. Justice Department observers reported no problems or lack of compliance with the agreement, said spokesman Michael Tobin.


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Yesterday’s dog and pony show in front of the previously private “public engagement” committee is a sad farce.? It used to stun me, how corrupt and enmeshed in conflicts of interest government in Cleveland has become, but now, it’s just a vaudevillian comedy act.

The transition process, for some reason, requires a massive consulting contract in order to communicate.? I have no idea why.? They didn’t want to be public in the first place, why the hell would you need a consultant?? Members of Congress have one press secretary, sometimes two.? Why this “transition” needs more is beyond my comprehension.


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Word is that people are out raising money for Republican Matt Dolan’s county executive race in Cuyahoga. ?He’s in. ?Problem being, dude has to move into the county. ?He currently lives in Geauga County. ?Dolan will probably raise a significant amount, so this puts pressure on Dems to settle on a real, viable candidate.

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Welcome to the circus of Cleveland racial politics, everyone!? Woohoo!? Make sure you have plenty of popcorn!? So what the hell is going on here?? Simple.

If you had any doubt that Issue 6’s passage in Cuyahoga County has created in a single county executive one of the most powerful elected positions in the entire state, erase that doubt now.? How can you tell?? George Forbes has crawled out of his hole.

And who the fuck is George Forbes?? He’s the most powerful clown act to ever grace Cleveland politics.? From 1973 to 1989, Forbes was president of Cleveland City […]

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