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I’m voting for Tim McCormack

On November 1, 2010 By

The Cuyahoga County Executive race, once expected to be a very high profile campaign, is almost a footnote to tomorrow night’s result.  I think it’s chief effect will be to bring out Republicans and independents who vote for Ken Lanci and Matt Dolan, and perhaps some disaffected Dems who end up voting for Lanci.  Those Lanci voters might also split their ticket and vote for Ted, though, so that’s good news.

I decided a long time ago to vote for Tim McCormack.  First, you have to give this guy a ton of credit for getting enough signatures, over 4,000, to […]

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I am told by very reliable sources that Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason will resign this Friday, and that a replacement will be named. ?I am also informed that whoops of glee and dancing about is occurring in many places throughout the Cuyahoga County legal community. ?No word on whether or not anyone is banging on glad tambourines, but I would imagine if tambourines were available, they’d be banged gladly.

This starts a process to name a new prosecutor within the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party, precisely the same process that named Bill Mason county prosecutor in the first place, when […]

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Another story in the Plain Dealer announcing yet another unilateral decision, without oversight, regarding the mega-development downtown, MedMart. ?This time, the decision, ?yet again announced through the Plain Dealer, is to move the site, yet again, to another spot downtown.

When I saw the story, I called the reporter, Laura Johnston, to comment as a candidate for the county council district that will include downtown, District 7. ?Laura seemed highly disinterested in taking comment from a candidate who will, if elected, represent the exact spot on which the MedMart will sit. ?I don’t understand why Laura doesn’t seek comment […]

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Anastasia reports on her fundraising email from Dennis Kucinich, and missed the big news, emphasis mine.

?The Congressional Democratic Primary Election is May 4th, less than four months away,? they reminded their mailing list. ?You all remember the extraordinary effort which was made last time to try to unseat Congressman Kucinich. He was successful only because of the help of people such as you, who understand the value of having a fearless spokesperson for truth, economic equality, jobs for all, health care for all and peace in the United States Congress…..”

If Dennis Kucinich is still reminding his supporters […]

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Just pulled petitions

On January 4, 2010 By

If you’re one of those people who obsessively checks the candidate filing list at the Cuyahoga BOE site, you’ll notice my name on there today or tomorrow for two races – county council District 7, and county executive. ?I have until mid-June to choose between the two!

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Drawing political boundaries in secret, getting them approved by voters on the ballot, well, that’s nifty. ?Might get your districts thrown into litigation. ?Looks like whoever was in the room at the time thought about this, and may have thrown a measure into the new Cuyahoga County charter as a shield to defeat any such litigation – immediate redistricting as soon as the new council takes their seats.

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Just got a call from the Board of Elections. ?The signature collection requirement has been decided for all the new county races, and it’s 50 signatures for both the county council seats and the executive race for the major party primaries on September 7. ?Here’s a PDF with the lowdown on all the other info, including requirements for independent candidates.

All. ?Systems. ?Go.

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Anthony gets a mailer, and immediately declares it the worst political campaign piece of the coming cycle.

The campaign mailer for “Independent” (Get it?) County Executive Candidate Ken Lanci must have already cost a pretty penny to mail countywide. It’s almost completely blank – minus a fireworks photo and the simple headlines. It doesn’t tell us a thing about what it is or why we should read it. It certainly doesn’t suggest I take action or prepare for something. In fact, the only action I took was to heave it in the recycle bin before realizing this […]

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