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Earth to ORP #6,713

On March 16, 2008 By

Psst. Somebody wanna remind these guys who has been in control of the country for 2/3 of the time between the year 2000 and now? Anyone?

I’m really not sure you want to make this point too loudly with the American people or “conservatives” would get their asses handed to them – as they will anyway, but you know. A Republican preaching fiscal discipline is pretty funny in this day and age.

Gotta love how Sanford tosses in the vague religion reference. I call that Republican Tourettes Syndrome.

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Lessig 08

On February 20, 2008 By

Lots of videos, I know, but they’re just too good not to share. Lawrence Lessig outlines two new movements in America; Change Congress and Lessig for CA-12… maybe. This really is a fantastic video.

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Holy shit.

A Houston, Texas woman says she was gang-raped by Halliburton/KBR coworkers in Baghdad, and the company and the U.S. government are covering up the incident.

Jamie Leigh Jones, now 22, says that after she was raped by multiple men at a KBR camp in the Green Zone, the company put her under guard in a shipping container with a bed and warned her that if she left Iraq for medical treatment, she’d be out of a job.

In a lawsuit filed in federal court against Halliburton and its then-subsidiary KBR, Jones says she was held in the […]

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Rove: Congress rushed us to war!

On November 30, 2007 By

You have got to be kidding me. Congress voting on an AUMF forced the White House’s hand? Really? The joint resolution had 98% support from legislative GOPers, was introduced by the GOP, and was directed by the White House (read the notes section). In fact, here’s the original AUMF as drafted by the White House, in a press release from the day it was introduced.

What a liar.

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A town hall meeting from 2001 where Rudy shows what he’s all about.

Yeah, a Giuliani Administration would be a huge improvement over the chuckleheads we have now. (Rolleyes)

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Putting profits ahead of people

On September 7, 2007 By

I didn’t hear much about this yesterday, but there was a hearing before the Senate subcommittee looking into the UT mine disaster last month. More evidence of how pathetic the Bush Administration is…and I agree with the president of the United Mineworkers (full disclosure: this is another union my company works with) that SOMEONE needs to be held responsible, especially when these details start coming to light:

Reporting from the hearing, and for the AFL-CIO blog, was Mike Hall:

Much of this morning?s hearing centered on a controversial mining plan submitted by Murray Energy Corp. and approved by MSHA […]

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PBS provides evidence of the GOP fixing the election here in Ohio. Of course, this will be ignored because of “media bias”.

Was there a White House plot to illegally suppress votes in 2004? Is there a similar plan for the upcoming elections? This week NOW examines documents and evidence that points to a Republican Party plan designed to keep Democrats from voting, allegedly by targeting people based on their race and ethnicity with key battleground states like Ohio and Florida of particular interest. “It was a partisan, discriminatory attempt to challenge voters of color,” Eddie Hailes, a senior […]

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Todd & Tiberi colluding?

On July 20, 2007 By

Jerid pointed out yesterday that Todd’s press conference on Wednesday was a little ahead of the curve:

Anyways, the real meat here is that Todd scheduled this press conference before the grant announcements he cites was released to the public. Kinda strange right? Like Todd has a man on the inside or something.

Apparently, scuttlebutt is that the info may have come from Tiberi’s office, which would be illegal. I’m sorry I didn’t notice this first, but I’ve been a little too busy this week to be paying as much attention as I should. Now that I’ve got something […]

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Tillman coverup

On July 16, 2007 By


The White House has refused to give Congress documents about the death of former NFL player Pat Tillman, with White House counsel Fred Fielding saying that certain papers relating to discussion of the friendly-fire shooting “implicate Executive Branch confidentiality interests.”

Executive privilege? For documents pertaining to the death of a Ranger? This can literally only be political.

Perhaps my choice of song for last Friday’s PB Late Night Theater was more appropriate than I knew. Throw the bums out.

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It appears a real, actual, indictable felony may have occured when Bush ordered Harriet Miers to defy a congressional subpoena. Via TPM:

Invoking a privilege is one thing, but telling a person not to show up in response to a subpoena — if only to actually invoke the privilege — is quite another. It’s not just worse, it’s a felony under federal criminal law. See for yourself.

18 U.S.C. Sec. 1505 : … Whoever corruptly … influences, obstructs, or impedes … the due and proper exercise of the power of inquiry under which any inquiry or investigation […]

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It’ll never happen, but…

An appropriate Special Comment for our nation’s birthday celebration.

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