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You can see the executive order for all its glory at the Governor’s website.

It goes on for five pages, but it mostly does only two things:

1) Continues some of Governor Strickland’s executive order called Common Sense Initiative that the Kasich campaign called inadequate.

2) Appoint Mary Taylor to a newly created office to figure out what a small business is and ways for the Administration to claim that Strickland’s initiative had failed to adequately remove regulations that unfairly hindered small businesses in Ohio.

Basically Kasich is saying, “we going to continue to do what the last […]

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Governor Strickland made the announced today according to the Columbus Dispatch.

Continental Structural Plastics had planned to close its faciltiy in the Village of North Baltimore, but after union workers at the plant approved Tha new three-year labor agreement, the facility is staying open, Strickland announced today, citing press reports.

The governor hailed the news while echoing a line in television ads run by the Republican Governors Association that end with, "Strickland didn’t get the jobs done."

“I want to commend all those who refused to give up when the chips were down,” Strickland said. “We can […]

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If you’re wondering who Governor Strickland is riding shotgun with, it’s General Motors North America President Mark Reuss (photo credit: Akron Beacon Journal).  The car they’re driving in is the first Chevy Cruze to roll off the production line at GM’s Lordstown plant—GM’s new compact model intended to give Toyota and Honda a run for its money, or, yen.

It’s a symbol of Ohio’s reemergence as a manufacturing power.  And it cuts into the heart of John Kasich’s campaign.  John Kasich has said he opposed bailing out companies like GM.  As have just about every other […]

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John Kasich apparently doesn’t even know that most of Ohio’s regulations don’t even deal with businesses at all.

As part of Kasich’s endorsement of Governor Strickland’s regulatory reform, Kasich tried to stage a distracting visual for his press event (HT: Ohio Capital Blog):

OMG, just look at all those regulations!  It’s a virtual “Tower of Babble.”  How in the world can Ohio businesses operate when they’re subjected to THAT many boring brown regulatory books?

Kasich’s “visual” was a joke.  The books were each chapter of the Ohio Administrative Code.  If you click on the […]

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Ordinarily, when a campaign introduces a new policy proposal, the media expects to hear a response from the opposing campaign’s communication director, maybe even the campaign manager.   Rarely, if ever, do you see the candidate himself respond, especially when he’s the incumbent.

Then again, how often do you see a challenger stupidly propose something you’ve already done?

To appreciate it’s pure pwnage, be sure to check out the entire statement, including the point-by-point citation of exactly how Kasich’s CSI “plan” is nothing more than a carbon copy of what Ted Strickland has already made law.

This isn’t Wall […]

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They’d be like this:

Nobody like a cheap imitation when they can have the real thing.

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