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Apparently, the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police issued their endorsements today.  Here’s the list with some thoughts and obligatory press release quotes from the campaigns after the jump:

Governor: Governor Ted Strickland Senate: Rob Portman Attorney General: Richard Cordray Treasurer: Kevin Boyce Secretary of State: Maryellen O’Shaughnessy Auditor: ???

Yep, you read that right.  The F.O.P. announced no endorsement in the Auditor’s race between Hamilton County Commissioner David Pepper and Deleware County Prosecutor David Yost.  Given Yost’s present elected office, I would say that the lack of a law & order endorsement by the F.O.P. hurts his candidacy the most.


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The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Senator Tim Grendell and Rep. Robert Hagan (D-Youngstown) plan on introducing legislation to overturn a recent Supreme Court decision written by the GOP’s candidate for chief justice, Maureen O’Connor, which held that a person could be convicted of speeding (ordinarily a minor misdemeanor subjecting a person to a fine and points on their license) based on a law enforcement officer’s testimony without the aid of a radar gun if the officer has been specifically trained, certified, and experienced in visually determining if a vehicle is speeding.

Senator Tim Grendell, who lampooned against […]

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I saw this on Naugle’s Twitter feed and almost stop breathing I was laughing so hard…

Matt Naugle stands by it so firmly that when he first wrote this argument in a blog post three years ago, he scrubbed the post off the Internet entirely within 24 hours of posting it.  He later scrubbed the entire blog as well.

And again, Naugle is wrong to claim that the right to counsel for indigent defendants didn’t exist until the Warren Court ruled in Gideon v. Wainwright.  Except as I pointed out […]

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Despite the fact that he once wrote a post in which he claimed that the Sixth Amendment of the United States Constitution does not explicitly afford a right to counsel (a post he long since scrubbed in embarrassment), Naugle likes to fancy himself a legal expert despite no qualifications whatsoever.  Even though time after time, Matt Naugle’s foray into legal writing is just a laughable joke.

Earlier this week, Naugle even claimed there was a constitutional right to reckless driving.

Now, Naugle is asking his conservative readers to blatant violate […]

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Jon Keeling (R-VA) really is a stupid person.  He seems to care more about where stories are placed, than what they actually have to say or the historical significance of such stories.

Take his post about Sunday’s Columbus Dispatch story.  He spends the entire post talking about where it was posted than what it says.  He doesn’t even include a link to the story.  And for good reason, because if anyone actually read the story, Keeling would realize just how far the Dispatch‘s thinking on the whole silly “Tobaccogate” story has come in the last few […]

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What’s this about?

On April 29, 2010 By

Reginald Fields of the Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote about a letter attorney Rocky Saxbe sent the Inspector General back on April 9th regarding his client, ODPS Director Collins-Taylor.  I’ve obtained a copy of that letter.

The letter covers the facts that I’ve largely outlined showing why it was entirely unreasonable for anyone to think the alleged contraband would be anything other than tobacco.

But on page 6, Saxbe adds these new fact to the mix:

“Captain Henderson was already under pending disciplinary action for losing her sidearm weapon a second time and failing to report the […]

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The problem with the Senate Republicans who may want to make political hay out of today’s report by the Inspector General is that they cannot hammer the Director of Public Safety without first dealing with the obvious perjury that was committed by (Ret.) Maj. Booker, Cpt. Henderson, and former Superintendent Richard Collins, especially in light of the new information offered in the Inspector General’s report.

You’ll recall that both Booker and Henderson testified, under oath, that there was “no doubt” that the alleged contraband would be drugs, but both public documents I’ve shown on our site […]

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State Senator Nina Turner (D-Cleveland) is the Ranking Member of the Ohio Senate Judiciary-Criminal Justice Committee and has issued this statement in response to our reporting on potentially false and misleading testimony by the Troopers and former Superintendent of the Highway Patrol to that Committee:

?Racial intolerance should never be tolerated anywhere, especially in a distinguished law enforcement agency like the Highway Patrol.  That?s why the Democrats on the committee felt it was important to question former Superintendent Richard Collins about the incident involving a trooper who dressed up as a Klansman.

?Your report also highlights another concern that […]

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Pt. I😕 You’d think there’d be drugs involve in a drug raid… Pt. II: Trooper lied; the Dispatch denies

One of the supporting characters in the trumped up farce being called “Troopergate” is former Highway Patrol Superintendent/Col. Richard Collins.? Collins is part of the retired Superintendent’s forming “Trooper to Trooper” who are alleging that that Ohio Department of Public Safety is wrongfully trying to assert influence over Patrol matters.? He is an advocate that the Patrol be able to act independently of the Ohio Department of Public Safety even though it legally is not […]

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Once you wade through the available public records and realize that the evidence that the contraband was drugs was always non-existent, but the evidence that the contraband was not criminal in nature was plentiful, the rest becomes easier.

The next political trick in keep a non-story in the news is to hold legislative hearings on it so the same reporters can essentially re-file the same story again, but this time mention that the same story this time was made during a hearing.

And after all, nobody would lie to a politician.? In fact, so confident is the Senate Republican committee […]

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The Dispatch Publishing Company, which owns the Columbus Dispatch and WBNS, has been working in overdrive to convince people that there was some massive political conspiracy to prevent the Office of Investigative Services (OIS) of the Highway Patrol from allowing a wife of an inmate working at the Governor’s Mansion throw an unknown object into the Governor’s Mansion to be picked up by an incarcerated felon.

Amazingly, the Dispatch Publishing Company finds it incredulous to believe that security concerns, and not political concerns, might have been the reason the raid was called off.? (Which, as we will see later, is […]

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