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Over at Ohio Budget Watch, we have a blockbuster post up this morning exposing a hidden provision in the Kasich administration’s budget language that rips authority from the general assembly and hands it to the executive branch. This proposal allows an unelected Kasich appointee to personally decide whether to outsource any state service without legislative authority, without competitive bidding, without guidelines or statutory expectations for how that service is to be performed, all while exempting the chosen firm (which may be a major campaign contributor) from all state and local taxes.

These are the six pages the administration hopes […]

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What is the Ohio Republican Party and Josh Mandel’s campaign thinking?  Are they insane?

The Ohio Democratic Party couldn’t believe the gift that Josh Mandel gave it and State Treasurer Kevin Boyce a golden gift.  And that gift is Mandel attending a fundraiser with disgraced former State Treasurer Joe Deters.

Deters was the GOP’s Marc Dann before 2006.  As the press release from ODP details, Deters left Columbus in a cloud:

Deters’ Chief of Staff was convicted of “giving preferential treatment to some investment brokers who do business with the treasurer’s office.” [Dayton Daily News, 9/14/04]

• Deters’ […]

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Two days ago, I wrote about video that OhioCapitolBlog captured of Congressman Kasich promising undiscloseable bonuses he plans on offering to the corporate executives who sit on the board of his JobsOhio plan who will, in part, be asked to lobby the Administration on regulatory and legislative matters:

Today, the Ohio House Democratic Caucus issued this press release where two Democratic lawmakers criticized Kasich’s non-transparent plan to privatize Ohio’s economic development:

“The middle class in Ohio has been railroaded by Wall Street fat cats who took bailouts and raked in bonuses while the rest […]

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This is pretty stunning that we’re not seeing this in the reporting yet. (HT: Video from OhioCapitalBlog who needs to film a little further away.)

Here’s Kasich talking about how he’ll pay these corporate fat cats bonuses for doing the work that state employees already do for less:


Ha ha!  I’ve never had to tell you putzes in the media how much I made from Lehman Brothers for soliciting Ohio’s pension funds… suckers.  Aren’t I funny?

Then here’s Kasich actually promising that he’ll keep the bonuses he pays the corporate execs he’ll empower with dividing the corporate […]

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