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More Vindication for ACORN

On December 12, 2009 By

Brian previously posted about findings of an independent investigation which cleared ACORN of institutional wrongdoing. Now a judge has ruled that the government’s attempt to cut off federal funding for the organization was unconstitutional.

NEW YORK ? The U.S. government’s move this fall to cut off funding to ACORN was unconstitutional, a federal judge ruled Friday, handing the embattled group a legal victory.

U.S. District Judge Nina Gershon issued the preliminary injunction against the government, saying it’s in the public’s interest for the organization to continue receiving federal funding.

Big win for ACORN and for American democracy […]

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AP — U.S. Rep. Nathan Deal, a Republican candidate for governor of Georgia, has proposed changing the long-standing federal policy that automatically grants citizenship to any baby born on U.S. soil…

Simple question: WTF is wrong with Georgia?

Any answers?

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So with the recent DC handgun ban ruling by the Supreme Court and the resulting glee on the right (despite the court continuing to allow “reasonable restrictions”), I began thinking.

Why is it that the right is so solid on this right and so absolutely opposed to a city or municipality with unique crime and violence problems banning handguns, while turning around and displaying the exact OPPOSITE behavior when it comes to a woman getting pregnant and deciding whether or not they want to have that child?

On one hand (guns) it is government hands off!

On the […]

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