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Remember how three weeks ago Gallup showed the GOP up at a historical ten-point lead in the generic Congressional ballot?  Remember all the conservatives and the media touting it as our party’s obituary.

Well, today, Gallup showed us at a statistically insignificant—but political significant—one-point lead on the generic Congressional ballot.

And as Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo (TPM) notes, it’s not just Gallup showing a Democratic resurgence.  Four other polls in the last week have shown a Democratic lead on the generic Congressional ballot.

It’s showing both a Democratic uptick and a Republican downtick.

Nate […]

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Remember back in May when Republican candidate Steve Stivers attempted to walk back his response on a 9/12 Tea Party group’s questionnaire that asked if Steve Stivers would support repealing the 17th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution that allows for the direct election of the Senate by the people? (If not, click on the link.)

Well, what about the rest of that questionnaire?


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Meet Republican State Senator Bob Gibbs.  He’s running against Congressman Zach Space because the last Republican Space crushed decided he really didn’t want to go through with a recount to win the nomination for “token GOPer to get beat by Space.”

So, Gibbs got the honor.  Not a single pundit.  Not one.  Has listed this race as a race likely to flip.  It hasn’t made it on the Top 50 of anyone’s radar screen.

So what does the NRCC do?  They call Gibbs a “Young Gun.”

After the last reporting FEC reporting deadline, Gibbs was facing […]

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Yes, the gap is still noticeable.  However, the trends are as well.

Although the GOP has returned to a five point-gap this week on the genericc congressional ballot this week, you have to wonder how.  Here are some of the internals within Gallup’s poll this week.  (All results are of registered voters.)

Voter enthusiasm among Democratic voters jumped up six points.  The biggest single movement anywhere in Gallup’s polling.  Voter enthusiasm by Democratic voters exceed that of Independents by five points.  With GOP enthusiasm dropping a statistically insignificant point and two with Independents, the voter enthusiasm gap has […]

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Just in case you missed it.  Also, note the second part of the initial footage in which […]

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(HT: Think Progress)

Here’s some video from yesterday’s unofficial debate between John Boccieri and his opponent at his opponent’s “town hall” event.

The federal government needs to get out of the way and have local governments on civil rights.  Says its not a federal issue…

RENACCI: […] A lot of the problems you’re talking about are local issues. And I’m also a firm believer that the federal government and our Constitution was based on freedom, and was based on the freedoms that our number one goal of our military is freedom. We need to get our federal government […]

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Last week, there was a large amount of GOP crowing about how Gallup’s registered voters poll on the generic Congressional ballot showed the GOP at a ten-point lead.  That’s the largest lead the GOP had ever had, or, frankly, any lead the Democrats had.

One week later….

It disappeared.



From ten points up to tied in a week.  A ten-point swing in a week.  The only thing that could attribute such a swing is the end of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

(Roughly a month earlier, the Democrats had a short-lived six-point lead.)

I’ve noticed the Gallup […]

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Steve Stivers is having a little problem… Steve Stivers’ record.

Last week, Steve Stivers claimed he was FOR embryonic stem cell research despite his vote in the State Senate to ban funding for it.

Today, Stivers attacked Kilroy over her support for cap-and-trade:

“Liberal special interest groups are at it again. Rahm Emanuel’s little brother and his Hollywood friends think they know what is best for the voters of Ohio’s 15th District. They had the audacity to run an ad in the Columbus Dispatch that leads people to believe that Cap and Trade is good for […]

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The Federal Elections Commission has notified State Senator Bob Gibbs (R), who is challenging Congressman Zach Space, that he must return over $50,000 in donations because they exceeded the lawful maximum donation amounts under federal law.  As BSB already noted, that’s around 25% of Gibbs’ most recent cash-on-hand total.

Over half of that amount is based on donations made by the Ohio Republican Party.  And despite getting a massive amount of apparently, illegal, donations from the Ohio GOP, Gibbs was still facing a 6:1 cash-on-hand disadvantage to Space.

Two weeks ago, I noted how the NRCC […]

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Wow…. that ad is more effective that I realized!

Yesterday, I wrote:

Despite an attempt by Chabot’s campaign and outside Republican groups to tout some, well, laughable poll numbers, the race is still considered a tossup, even as forecasters like Charlie Cook have gotten more bullish on the GOP’s chances of retaking the House.

Almost immediately after writing that post, we started to see conservatives (who denying reading us like they’ve never seen a Playboy, but for some unknown reason felt compelled to say something about the race immediately after my post) tweeting about how the “most […]

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In 2008, Steve Chabot’s twelve-year career in Congress ended when he lost to Steve Driehaus by 5%, or roughly 15,000 votes.  That was as big of a margin as any Republican incumbent in what is not considered a marginally Republican district that lost despite no sex or ethics scandal.

In 2006, Chabot barely won re-election by roughly 9,000 votes.  In other words, for some reason, people started to get “creeped” out at the idea of having Steve Chabot as their congressman.Nonetheless, as soon as he lost, Chabot conceded and then promptly began campaigning for his old job back.

Steve […]

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