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Nassssty Padgett-es!

On January 29, 2007 By

Brian Rothenberg has an update on The Legend of Joy Padgett: Bankruptcy Court.

Remember the curious case of Joy Padgett’s Bankruptcy Abuse from last Fall. Or for those of you in eastern and central Ohio, the memorable Joy Padgett for Congress commercial where she is standing like Julie Andrews — sound-of-music like — on the family farm.

Some of you may have known that at the time she pirouetted on her TV farm, she didn’t even own the family farm having transferred ownership as part of her bankruptcy case. And during the campaign that questionable transfer became embroiled in […]

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Morning aftermath

On November 8, 2006 By

I’m still sorting thru the mess this morning, but here is what we know:

It looks like OH18 will be the [i]only[/i] House seat to flip in Ohio, despite the nearly 30 seat landslide nationwide. Chabot won reelection in OH01, Mean Jean looks pretty likely to hold on in OH02, and it looks like Pryce did just enough to hold on to OH15.

The majority in the Senate rests on two races – MT (where Tester is leading the GOP incumbent by a slim margin), and VA (where Webb is leading Allen by an even slimmer margin). If both of […]

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On November 7, 2006 By

With 59% of precincts in Franklin County reporting, Shamansky has just 49% of the vote. Given how strongly red Licking and Delaware Co. are, we have to hope that the precincts reporting in Franklin county are the outer suburbs. Shamansky has to win Franklin County to have a chance.

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Updates on key early races

On November 7, 2006 By

It appears likely – tho only one has been called – that three House seats in Indiana will flip to Dems. It appears that 1 of 2 key races in Kentucky will flip. Additionally, Democrats have picked up two Governor seats (OH and MA).

About 15 minutes until we start seeing more Ohio results.

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NB: These races are NOT by any means final, but early signs are good.

IN02: Split right down the middle, 50/50, R-incumbent
IN08: 70/30 in favor of the Democratic challenger, with 14% reporting.
IN09: 50/46 in favor of the Democratic challenger, with 2% reporting.

KY03: 50/49 in favor of the Democratic challenger, with 64% reporting
KY04: 57/40 in favor of the Republican incumbent, with 1% reporting

Again, these are horse race numbers, so take ’em with a grain of salt.

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This may well be unintentional, but OhioElect’s CandidateMatch has Tiberi as completely neutral on every single issue category. BlueBexley has the blow-by-blow.

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This weekend I got three mailers from Tiberi, all attacking Shamansky. They can all be refuted – but here is one straight from the Shamansky campaign office.

This mailer landed in some boxes at the same time as the scummy “fetus” mailing Tiberi dropped in the last couple of days. Like that mailer, this one is nothing but an intentional and misleading distortion of the facts.

BOGUS CLAIM: “Shamansky faces felony allegations for lying to government agents.”

FACT: Republican operatives filed a BOGUS claim about Bob’s past voting addresses just to […]

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From Wired:

Put away the petri dish. Turn off the Bunsen burner. When mid-term election results start to roll in next Tuesday, few groups will be as glued to the television as America’s scientists.

In a country grousing for new leadership, the elections will be a referendum on an unpopular president and a chance for science-friendly candidates to hang out a shingle on Capitol Hill. The change could prompt government action on a range of issues.

In New Mexico’s 1st Congressional District, Republican incumbent Heather Wilson and Democratic challenger Patricia Madrid have made stem cells and green energy […]

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GOP in big trouble in the House

On November 1, 2006 By

We’ve all seen the signs that a significant swing Blue is possible in the House. However, something changed this weekend, and a number of districts are polling significantly more Democratic now than they were last week. Someone I know who works in the NRCC told me today that while he still believes that the GOP holding the House is possible (a large number of races are within the polling MOE), he now believes that the previous “nightmare” scenario – a 30+ seat loss – is now “50/50”.

This is not the time to sit back, feeling secure that the […]

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I love teh internets

On November 1, 2006 By

Great little anti-Pryce video…

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Majority Watch polling numbers

On October 30, 2006 By

A new poll by Majority Watch shows Shamansky a few points back of Tiberi. The total numbers are 51% to 46%, with a 3% MOE, but Tiberi’s current edge is very soft – amongst voters showing a strong preference, Tiberi leads just 41% to 40%.

Kilroy is way in front, 53% to 41%. Space is up 51% to 42%.

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