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The problem with the Senate Republicans who may want to make political hay out of today’s report by the Inspector General is that they cannot hammer the Director of Public Safety without first dealing with the obvious perjury that was committed by (Ret.) Maj. Booker, Cpt. Henderson, and former Superintendent Richard Collins, especially in light of the new information offered in the Inspector General’s report.

You’ll recall that both Booker and Henderson testified, under oath, that there was “no doubt” that the alleged contraband would be drugs, but both public documents I’ve shown on our site […]

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According to the Dayton Daily News, State Inspector General Thomas Charles will issue his report tomorrow on the Highway Patrol’s decision to cancel a planned tobacco “sting” at the Governor’s Mansion because it was a safety risk and tobacco smuggling is not a criminal act.

Despite these obvious facts, everyone in Columbus (especially the Senate Republicans) are expecting that Charles is going to do a hatchet job on the Administration in order to defend the Patrol.? Charles is ex-Patrol, his wife and son still work in the Patrol, and most, if not all, of his key personnel in […]

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Back on the 8th, the Columbus Dispatch ran a story by Mark Niquette titled “GOP swelling as Ohio voters switch parties” that was breathlessly picked up by just about every major newspaper in Ohio.

After reading it, you’d expect that you are the only person in Ohio who hasn’t left the Democratic Party for the Republican Party, and therefore, are missing out of the hottest political fad.

Except it’s all bullshit.

The Ohio Democratic Party has researched the story and found it to be one part highly misleading and one part out right false.

First, the Ohio Democratic […]

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I’m stunned this doesn’t get more attention in the press.? Lee Fisher’s Senate campaign has spent in the past year over $2 million, and I’m pretty sure that’s BEFORE his first television ad buy.? $2 million on what?!? And what does he have to show for it?

A seven to nine-point lead in the low 30s with over 40% undecided less than two weeks to go.? Joel Hyatt did better.

Where’s Harry Reid, Bob Martinez, or former President Bill Clinton now?? Why aren’t they coming to stump for Fisher here in Ohio telling us Democrats how Lee […]

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The problem with State Senator Shannon Jones is not that she’s a reckless driver; it’s that she’s a reckless legislator.

Tim Grendell and Shannon Jones have introduced both a constitutional amendment and now a new bill to protect Ohio’s right as a State to allow its citizens to die or go bankrupt (or both) due to the lack of affordable and quality health insurance coverage.

The language of the new bill is not yet available via the Internet, but Senator Jones said in her press release:

The bill, which will be formally introduced as Senate […]

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At what point does the Dispatch lose all journalistic credibility?

The entire “bust” at the Governor’s Mansion started by a letter intercepted by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections written by an inmate to his wife.? Nobody disputes this.

According to my sources familiar with the letter (i.e. people who actually have SEEN the document), the letter refers to the contraband as a “six pack” and even discussed the price he obtain for getting the item in the prison.

At the time, officials at the DRC informed the Highway Patrol investigating the matter that the term “six pack” is […]

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First, the Dayton Daily News (Kasich tax plan looks more like one more problem for Ohio):

Rep. John Adams, of Sidney (not to be confused with state Rep. Richard Adams, of Miami County) insists that his 10-year plan will actually increase government revenues.

You know the argument he makes: ?When the people we chase out of the state (under current tax laws) decide to stay, they will create jobs. The tax base will expand. That?s the way it works in every scenario.?

That, of course, is why Ohio is now rolling in revenue, having adopted a […]

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I’m going to give you a Madden playbook why John Kasich’s courtship of State Auditor Mary Taylor makes no sense for anyone but John Kasich.? But let’s start with the most obvious point: it is absolute insanity for the Republicans to risk the only Apportionment Board seat they held in 2006 by moving an incumbent who was on track for a relatively safe re-election so that she can run for the non-essentially (from both a political and governing sense) Lt. Governor slot.

It’s is amazingly insane.? Second, if it were a done deal, Kasich wouldn’t first float it through Jon […]

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Juxtapost: Viral Videos

On August 15, 2008 By

ROFL. Felt like a good time to recycle these. Just because. Plus I love me some juxtaposts!

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Much speculation has been surrounding McCain and how he will not only climb out of his doldrums of a week (hell week, really) and maybe offset Obama’s planned speech in Berlin. Many have been talking of a VP pick. Latest fuel for the fire involves our own buckeye state. Taegan Goddard has this:

Will McCain pick his running mate on Thursday?

Could it be former Rep. Rob Portman (R-OH)? Or perhaps it’s former Rep. John Kasich (R-OH)?

I think either of these picks would be just fabulous. Big time ho hum appeal. I hope he does do this, […]

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John McCain is a supposed “straight talker”. He even has a “Straight Talk Express” (bus and plane). When it comes to his military record, he’s neither straight talker or straight shooter it seems. The questions that his campaign doesn’t want to answer, let alone be asked, could easily be dismissed.

All it would take is for the Senator to sign Standard Form 180. I will provide a link below to this form in blank format so the campaign can easily find it upon reading this post.

Standard Form 180 (372 KB pdf)

Everyone on the right should […]

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