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You’re not going to find me at a Marc Dann Fan Club meeting.  I didn’t support him in the primary in 2006.  I openly wrote that his attorney disciplinary history was a major liability for the general election.  And I made the legal and political case for Marc Dann’s impeachment.  However, today’s blog post by Steve Nash at the Dispatch’s Daily Briefing Blog is nothing more than tabloid Dann bashing… two years after Dann left the public eye.

For no apparently reason, Steve Nash feels it necessary to report to the public at large that the recently divorced […]

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I don’t know why the Columbus Dispatch  does this story every gubernatorial election, but they do.  They ask a bunch of completely irrelevant/irreverent questions to try to “humanize” the candidates.

18. What is your preferred alcoholic beverage?

TS: Jack Daniel’s

JK: Red wine

Asked about their favorite NASCAR driver, Kasich names Jr., but then says he prefers seeing him in Indy cars.  You don’t pay to see Ricky Bobby in an Indy car, Johnny.

Strickland then shows his humor:

12. Would you rather have lunch with William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, Tom Clancy or Stephen King?

TS: […]

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Mike DeWine took in over three times from the Ohio Republican Party that Richard Cordray took in from the Ohio Democratic Party.  In fact, in the final week of the reporting period, a majority of DeWine’s donations came from the Ohio GOP.

So, of course, the Columbus Dispatch’s Daily Briefing Blog criticizes Cordray for how much he took from ODP.


Makes perfect sense.

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Who the Hell is Tim Niles?

On March 1, 2009 By

From the front page of the Columbus Dispatch’s Insight section:

Who the hell is Tim Niles? LOL. Whoops.

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