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Yesterday, they reported on a Kasich official’s crazy rants on Twitter. Today they ran a wire story about Friday night’s clever response from the White House to an internet petition seeking construction of a Death Star.

It looks like someone at the Dispatch must have signed up for the Interwebz.


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Hey boys and girls, here’s what we’re reading today:

Columbus Dispatch continues to give Kasich an assist in his attacks on Obama

Yesterday, Dispatch readers were greeted with a front-page story in which our Governor minimized jobs created in one of our most important industries in order to attack the President and loans that kept Detroit afloat. Kasich, you’ll recall, opposed government intervention in the carmakers’ future.

This morning, Kasich penned his own piece on the editorial page talking up his energy legislation, which he signs tomorrow. The bill allows oil and gas companies […]

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Last year, Columbus’ alternative newspaper, The Other Paper, ran a headline “Does Ohio Need an S.O.B. governor?” about John Kasich, which featured many of the popular tells of John Kasich’s long and distinguished history of being a jerk.

It’s also ran pieces highly critical of the Columbus Dispatch’s slanted political coverage as well as revealed its top news executives making news by using the paper as a means to fulfill their political agendas like with the Columbus casinos

The Dispatch Printing Company’s media empire, by Ohio standards, is huge.  Not only does it own central […]

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Last night, the Columbus Dispatch confirmed just about every aspect of our own coverage of the attempt of “Building a Better Ohio” to surrender and attempt to reach a deal on a version SB 5 could live with.  The only aspect of the coverage it continues to refuse to recognize, of course, is former Dispatch COO/Associate Publisher Mike Curtin’s role in attempt these talks.

Here’s what the Dispatch has finally confirmed:

Sources said that in June, Ohio Education Association vice president William Leibensperger and AFL-CIO president Tim Burga met at least twice with former Republican Ohio […]

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So if the Columbus Dispatch‘s main gripe about Issue 2 is that having a referendum on repealing SB 5, a vote to resolve labor issues, creates unnecessary and unproductive bad blood between labor and management, then why haven’t they said the same thing about SB 5?  After all, under SB 5, what would be the mechanicism to resolve management-labor contractual disputes?  A vote of the public.

I only ask because it appears that while they’re blasting Issue 2 on the grounds that a public vote on labor issues forces labor and management to publicly square off and creates bad blood, […]

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If you’ve followed the Dispatch (or this site) this week, you’ve no doubt seen the recent drumbeat at just how regrettable it is that labor won’t sit down and try to work out a compromise on Senate Bill 5.  I’ve called it a totally manufactured story by the Columbus Dispatch.  A story designed to present Kasich as willing to compromise but labor as unbending.  It turns out, I wasn’t too far off.

Here’s the timeline of how this all became public, as told by the Dispatch yesterday:

On Sunday, a Dispatch editorial called for proponents and opponents […]

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On Sunday the Dispatch ran a piece titled Casino deal a win for almost everyone, completely forgetting that they had called a much better deal “a rip off” just two years earlier.

The deal in question, proposed by John Kasich, allows racetrack owners to place VLTs (slots) at their tracks in exchange for a $50 million license fee and 33.5 percent tax on revenue.

The fee and tax rate of Kasich’s deal are MUCH lower than the deal proposed by Strickland back in 2009 of a $65 million license fee and a 50 percent tax on revenue. Clearly […]

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Two weeks ago today, the Columbus Dispatch issued an unqualified endorsement of Governor Kasich’s RobsOhio legislation.  It was, and has been, the only newspaper in Ohio to do so.

While every other paper that covers the State, including the conservative Wheeling Intelligencer, has said that the RobsOhio legislature is an affront to transparency and ethics in government.

But not the Columbus Dispatch who said on transparency:

The Kasich team has committed to accountability and transparency in JobsOhio and the reorganization of the Development Department. Sufficient accountability measures would quell concerns about conflicts of interest and potential […]

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Don’t believe me?  Hallett’s column in the Columbus Dispatch on Sunday says just that.  I haven’t bothered to look into this, so I’m willing to take Joe Hallett’s word that this is what occurred:

Chris Redfern got an anonymous tip concerning, somehow, the wife of Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist Brent Larkin; Redfern decided to check out the veracity of the tip by making a public records request for payroll records that would either confirm or refute the tip; By all accounts, Redfern received the records which did not confirm the tip, so Redfern let the matter dropped.

These […]

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Seriously, is the Columbus Dispatch’s editorial board high?  Today, the Dispatch is crying over the plight of health insurers due to the health care reform law.

And what mandates does the Dispatch complain about?

The federal government’s regulators will investigate any health insurance premium increase above 10% for “reasonableness” to examine if there is a legitimate underwriting basis for the increase and that the insurance companies aren’t just engaged in price gouging to drive up their profit margins. Health insurers must spend 80% of the amount they collect in premiums on health care benefits, leaving only 20% for […]

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Boy, the Columbus Dispatch is a fine paper to use… if you own a parakeet.

The Dispatch ruined my image of Kasich sulking on the bus waiting for Rob Portman to stop answering reporters’ questions so they could make their next “gig.”

The navy blue luxury bus holding the rest of the GOP candidates left Everal Barn without the ticket’s driver – Kasich. In an uncommon occurrence, Kasich was asked by his state patrol protection detail to ride separately in the campaign’s SUV, even though there was no specific threat against him, according to patrol spokesman Gary Lewis.


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