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I’m working on signing this kid up to blog here at PB as we speak:

Heh. Great kid. If I knew how to get in touch I’d send him a PB tee to wear at school.

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Bye DL, and Thanks!

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Just when I was starting to like his show. Joe told me a while back that it wasn’t as bad as you’d think. CNN canceled his show. Oh well, at least we got this:

I actually watched this live and was smiling from ear to ear after the “ugly incendiary” comment. Thanks DL!

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My initial thoughts on the debate were that John McCain performed better than his previous 2 outings. Barack was very Presidential as well as cool, calm, and collected – as usual. I don’t think he made any big mistakes and was especially powerful when he looked directly into the camera and talked to the American people. McCain’s desire to attack tonight lead to a bit of overreaching and for the most part reminded me of a boxer who was just given a standing 8 count in the next to last round flailing about with wild punches in the last round […]

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Boohoo. Ouch:

McCain’s campaign has also put its words into action, stripping CNN of an opportunity to interview the candidate after what it felt was unfair treatment of an aide in an appearance Monday on the cable channel.

The real response would be to get someone able to answer simple questions, unlike Tucker Bounds:

I was hearing McCain was due on Larry King Live tonight, but it got nixed. Somebody call the waahmbulance!

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Ben is right. We’ll probably not agree much. He does see the Obama VP announcement similar to how I saw it. The campaign was bested by CNN and the MSM saw this campaign plan as on overt challenge to them. They won. The question is, does that matter? Was this a success or failure?

You have to view this in terms of the goals of the campaign. I hardly think it was to actually best the MSM and get the pick to their supporters before information leaked out. If it was, they failed. The only way to do that […]

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Toobin: “Ridiculous. Destructive. Distorting. Embarassing. What Obama said is factually accurate”

Cafferty: “The people are frustrated. Nothing new here. Obama is not suggesting the people are to blame. It’s the Clinton’s and the Bush’s, and the McCain’s.”

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