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Josh Mandel’s protestations about how oh so sorry he is for his racist bigoted attack claiming Kevin Boyce is some kind of terrorist are just plain bullshit.  It’s an ongoing campaign.  Hasn’t stopped, it’s only gone further into the gutter.  There’s nothing deeper in the gutter than Matt Naugle, who today links to a Townhall diatribe which has to have come from Mandel’s campaign, using long time Mandel sycophant Joel Mowbray, parroting the same crap, except this time they quote an anonymous Boyce staffer.

Although Boyce’s name is the one voters will see next Tuesday, Ahmad will continue to […]

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It’s an election year in Ohio, which means it’s time for the national wannabe blog kingpins to fuck up our state’s politics.  Yay.

We all remember Cliff Schecter in Ohio.  Used to be one of our favorite Ohio bloggers.  Now, Cliff is making a habit of being Jane Hamsher’s whore, and getting fired from campaigns all over the state, including Marilyn Brown’s doomed 2009 primary against Jennifer Garrison’s doomed run for Secretary of State.  Recently, Cliff got fired (i.e. resigned lol) from Kevin Boyce’s state treasurer’s office.  Why this guy keeps turning up like a bad penny is anyone’s […]

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