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Organizing for America was the effort to get the signatures necessary to place HB 194 on a referendum next year.  It’s why you could vote as early as this Tuesday on Issue 2.

We’ve sure had to send a lot of petitions to the Ohio Secretary of State’s office this year to keep the Republicans in Columbus in check, huh?

Yes, that’s Ohio Democratic Chairman Chris Redfern with the bullhorn and Franklin County Democratic Chairman/Ohio State Director for Obama for America Greg Schultz.

There’s a reason we’re called the Democratic Party.   And it’s because we don’t fear people […]

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Last week, Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern notified the Ohio Democratic Party’s Executive Committee and county party chairs that Doug Kelly and Lauren Groh-Wargo would be leaving ODP to go into business together:

Executive Director Doug Kelly and Deputy Executive Director Lauren Groh-Wargo have decided to tackle a new challenge that will utilize their talents not just here in Ohio, but across the country, in helping build stronger, more effective state-based organizations. 

While I am disappointed that these two extraordinary leaders have decided to leave ODP, I am excited they will remain in Ohio and continue to […]

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Don’t believe me?  Hallett’s column in the Columbus Dispatch on Sunday says just that.  I haven’t bothered to look into this, so I’m willing to take Joe Hallett’s word that this is what occurred:

Chris Redfern got an anonymous tip concerning, somehow, the wife of Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist Brent Larkin; Redfern decided to check out the veracity of the tip by making a public records request for payroll records that would either confirm or refute the tip; By all accounts, Redfern received the records which did not confirm the tip, so Redfern let the matter dropped.

These […]

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Looks like Chris Redfern has been working the phones with a lot of people other than me.

The theory further went that as titular head of the party, Brown, who faces re-election in two years, would replace Redfern with trusted politico and former union boss John Ryan, who works for Brown.

In the insular ODP world that allows the AFL-CIO to give us Rob Burch, Lee Fisher, Marc Dann, etc., I suppose making John Ryan the new ODP chair makes all the sense in the world.  In a world where Democrats actually win elections, it makes no sense […]

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I’m starting to understand why the ODP’s field operation, by all accounts (including mine) a pretty good one, failed to deliver the Democratic turnout required in Tuesday’s close election to secure victory for Ted Strickland.

When I first heard the story of ODP paid canvassers bouncing checks, my first thought was….checks?  Who the hell pays street money in checks?  Most folks who are available to do this work, late in a campaign, do not have bank accounts.  They are unemployed, a street money campaign gig is often the most money they will make that month, maybe all year.  And […]

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In the last few years, I’ve really warmed to Ted Strickland, like everyone does.  I’m really saddened by his defeat, and I wish him and Frances nothing but the best.  However, Ted has to be handed some serious responsibility for his loss, and consequently, the loss of every statewide office in the state.  So what’s that responsibility?

Ted ran a great campaign, no doubt, in an impossible environment.  You can quibble with a few decisions here and there, but overall, it was beyond professional – any statewide candidate, anywhere, would kill to have that operation.  The problem, as has always […]

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So what of Chris Redfern?

On November 4, 2010 By

I’ve gotten some pretty substantial blow back over my phone call yesterday with ODP Chairman Chris Redfern.  I mean, guys, gimme a break, I just reported the call!

It is news that Chris Redfern’s only call to an Ohio blogger yesterday was me.  Well, the phone call yesterday was spin.  It wasn’t a scoop.  I just reported the spin, which suggests Redfern is terrified of losing his job.  He should be, given the result.

The ODP operation in 2010 was probably the best mid-term grassroots effort I’ve ever seen in Ohio.  It failed.  Is it fair to blame Redfern […]

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First of all….nice touch, Mr. Chairman.  This is how it’s done.  Everyone gets kicked in the teeth, is feeling low, and the day after the election, the state chair is making calls to give folks a pep talk.  Bravo.  Someone tell Lee Fisher that.

Redfern basically echoed this post, to say this result was not as bad as it’s made out to be.  (a post which I serendipitously published minutes before he called).  To quote, “you know what the day after election day is?  Wednesday.” Redfern said that the problem in 1994 was “institutional”, referring to how close ODP […]

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First things first.  I’m terrible at predicting election results, not gonna deny it.  “If Jennifer Brunner files, she wins,” is a line I must have written a dozen times leading up to the US Senate primary.  I was wrong.  I was banking on Jennifer catching fire online, and she didn’t. One good week of online fundraising might have won her the primary.

Failing to do so is the Brunner campaign’s biggest self-inflicted wound – they left a lot of money on the table, and let a lot of us down.   I still have no good answer for this […]

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As my co-bloggers have been reminding me lately, I’ve not been blogging much here at the ol’ PB, lately.  Sorry!  Being Candidate Man is beginning to take over my life almost entirely.  Most of my blogging is now at the campaign site (thoughts on sharing a last name with Frank Russo here, on Harvey Pekar’s death here, and Plain Dealer stupidity here).  We’ve got about a month and a half to go before the primary, I feel pretty confident, so the blogging will be even lighter.  People have been asking me my thoughts on stuff, though, so […]

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The Carpetblogger is getting so desperate to spin that the environment really is so great for the Republicans, that he’s attacking Chris Redfern over something Redfern never even said.

So did Chris Redfern say he’d be happy to take only two statewide offices in November to the Youngstown Vindicator’s editorial board?  No, in fact, he said quite the opposite:

Jon Keeling is just a shameless liar.  Redfern goes on to say that:

“We have got so much work to do, but the resources are there” for Democrats to win in November.

A […]

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