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Beware “Veterans Relief” Calls

On September 19, 2008 By

Just got a call from 330-752-1253. Caller ID was “Ohio Call”. Answered and nobody was there. Hung up. Odd. Googled it. Found out they do this alot. Apparently the organization is “The American Veterans Relief Foundation” and they’re not one of the better ones:

One of the larger charities mentioned by the American Institute of Philantrophy report was The American Veterans Relief Foundation. According to a Fox news report, for every $100 contributed, only $16 ended up going to veterans and $84 was spent on operations expenses, such as salaries and marketing.

If you want to support the […]

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Run Gasper Run!

On April 16, 2008 By

So I get an email from Karen Gasper not long ago. Karen is the Field Director for America Votes Ohio and a friend I first met while becoming more active in politics and later while launching Progress Ohio. She is a super talented person who I grew to really respect in the short time I got to know her.

Apparently Karen is running marathons now and she was contacting friends to help her with a cause. She’s running to benefit Jobila Trust and her focus was on their FGM (female genital mutilation) programs. I found her story of […]

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