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Say what you will about Jennifer Brunner’s holiday fundraising email pointing her donors to give money to charity, it got another “me too” out of Lee Fisher. ?Except as usual, Lee steps in it from the get go.

Instead of simply parroting Brunner’s suggestion to donate to charity, which itself would have been pathetic, Lee uses his campaign to raise money for the charity he used to run, and will likely return to when he loses this election. ?Recall that Lee once got a salary of $300,000+ from Center for Families and Children. ?He’s now using his own US […]

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So I asked the Center for Families and Children what is going on with Lee Fisher’s treasurer, Jan Roller, holding some cryptic meeting in their building “about” the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party.? Here was the response from Lisa Goss, their spokesperson.

The event scheduled for tomorrow morning is not a CFC-sponsored event.

The Center for Families and Children?s Mandel Community Room is available for rent to any member of the community. There is both a nonprofit and for-profit room rate.

In lawyer land, we call this….um….nonresponsive!? So I asked who is renting the room, and at what rate.? Here’s […]

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Interesting email going around.? Remember Lee Fisher’s $300,000 per year job at the Center for Families and Children, about which no one could figure out (a) why so much money, and (b) to do what exactly?? Maybe we should ask Jan Roller, Lee’s treasurer, on Tuesday morning at the Center for Families and Children offices.

Meeting About Cuyahoga County Democratic Party
This meeting being hosted by Jan Roller, Executive Committee member, Ohio Democratic Party; Angela Shuckahosee, member, Cuyahoga Democratic Women’s Caucus,; and Tom Bullock, Executive Committee member, Cuyahoga County Democratic Party,, will be at 7:30 […]

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