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Consumer product rant alert.

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This whole, running for office thing?? Totally a blast.? Now, on to the potential problem.

The Cavs.

My election is on September 7, which means this summer will be the main campaign period.? This summer, the Cavs, simultaneously, throughout the months of May and June, will be heading toward the first championship any Cleveland sports franchise has seen in my lifetime. I will be watching every single second.? Non.? Negotiable.

So to all the folks looking at their schedules for events, spaghetti dinners, bingo games, ward club meetings, candidate nights, you name it….I’m begging you.


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Writing about sports on this blog is frought with peril, given the conflicting loyalties among us. ?However, given that the Cavs are the only NBA team in Ohio, Pittsburgh doesn’t have one, and neither does Kentucky, I think I’m on safe ground here. ?Plus, the Cavs look to have turned a corner. ?They jumped to the top spot in ESPN’s Power Rankings, thus.

Sometimes we get it wrong and this is one of those times. Ever since we saw the Cavs lose to the Dirk-less Mavs in person and suggested they wouldn’t go higher than No. 4 in the […]

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Diaried at Kos.

This week, Cleveland’s city planning commission denied permission for Nike to replace the giant 10 story Lebron James banner across the street from Quicken Loans arena with this new one…

…for obvious reasons.

Commission member Norman Krumholz called James’ image on the mural “terribly negative.”

James’ grim visage and hardened stance play to a stereotype of young, urban black men as menacing and aggressive, a city design-review official said Thursday.

Stanley Miller, executive director of the Cleveland NAACP, said in an interview Friday that the James mural […]

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