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Boy. That was a quick disappearing act. Just yesterday our carpetblogging friend MC Scrappydoo was all excited about the big Kasich-Mitch Daniels event in Cleveland. I mean there were even tweets. Lots of them. And more even!

Today? No posts. No tweets. It’s as if the event never even happened!

You may ask yourself why. Well, lemme tell you. Couple reasons.

1. Team Strickland completely punked Team Kasich by timing a press conference outlining how John Kasich lied about his pitching investments to pension funds in Ohio while he was a director […]

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Since we uncovered who he was last year I’ve often wondered what – despite being a carpetblogging sycophant for his former boss John Kasich – Jon Keeling is trying to do with his MC Scrabblerap blog. I mean at first you dupe WaPo into naming you “one of Ohio’s best political blogs” or whatever, then you claim to be filling some kind of void:

What void would that be, Jon? I mean there were plenty of righty blogs in Ohio. Do they all suck? We think so, but how about you? Did you think they were incapable […]

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