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The Federal Elections Commission has notified State Senator Bob Gibbs (R), who is challenging Congressman Zach Space, that he must return over $50,000 in donations because they exceeded the lawful maximum donation amounts under federal law.  As BSB already noted, that’s around 25% of Gibbs’ most recent cash-on-hand total.

Over half of that amount is based on donations made by the Ohio Republican Party.  And despite getting a massive amount of apparently, illegal, donations from the Ohio GOP, Gibbs was still facing a 6:1 cash-on-hand disadvantage to Space.

Two weeks ago, I noted how the NRCC […]

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The Columbus Dispatch reports with little appreciation of the significance of what they’re reporting:

This prompted American Crossroads to issue an “Are you kidding?” reply. The organization’s law firm said that all photos and video of Portman used in the commercial came from “public domain sources,” such as the Internet and YouTube. “Absolutely no material used in the ad was obtained from the Portman campaign web site or in any other way from the Portman campaign.”

So let me get this straight.  Karl Rove’s American Crossroads defense is because they got the materials from Rob Portman Senate campaign’s […]

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Mike DeWine took in over three times from the Ohio Republican Party that Richard Cordray took in from the Ohio Democratic Party.  In fact, in the final week of the reporting period, a majority of DeWine’s donations came from the Ohio GOP.

So, of course, the Columbus Dispatch’s Daily Briefing Blog criticizes Cordray for how much he took from ODP.


Makes perfect sense.

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Today is the deadline for the statewide candidates to file their monthly July reports for contributions which will continue through October.

*They only need to report contributions, not expenditures (although some do), so the cash on hand figures will be highly misleading into the Pre-General Election filing due in October.  We’ll have additional month contribution reports for August and September.

My expectations are that Kasich should lead with the most raised this month as his schedule in July demonstrated that he was working to have the best report possible.  In attention to a number of high-dollar business fundraising events he […]

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The Akron Beacon Journal let’s Ohioans know just how outrageous the allegations against Rich Cordray’s campaign finance reports are:

Oh, the outrage!

The Republicans’ hollow rage at political money transfer Published on Tuesday, Aug 03, 2010

“What is amusing is the outrage from Arshinkoff and fellow Republicans, themselves masters at moving political money. Arshinkoff’s GOP organization casts a wide net, and is a major donor to statewide candidates. During the Taft re-election campaign, Ohio Republicans routed corporate contributions (illegal in Ohio) to the national party, which then supported Taft. The Franklin County Republican Party was caught money […]

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Any time you see a conservative non-lawyer blogger write something about Ohio law, you’re safer to assume the opposite is true.

Today, the Carpetblogger claimed that an entire joke of an Ohio Elections Commission complaint filed by the Summit and Franklin County GOP alleging that the Cordray campaign violated Ohio’s “excess funds” law.

In other news, Ohio has a likely unconstitutional law that limits the ability of political campaigns to retain its own donations.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, before Cordray filed for re-election, Cordray’s campaign donated money to the Franklin County Democratic Party, the Summit […]

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Much has been made of Steve Stivers recent FEC report, but not much has been written about where Stivers is getting his money.  According to Stivers’ report 40% of his donations were from business PACs.  In fairness, though, Kilroy accepted a similar ratio from mostly union PACs.

Stivers accepted so much special interest money, though, he likely violated federal campaign finance laws.  My understanding is that a PAC can only donate $10,000  and individuals can only donate up to $4,800 to a congressional campaign in a single cycle.  Another federal political candidate’s campaign may only donate up to $4,000 a […]

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Jack Torry wrote a column in the Dayton Daily News this weekend asking why “nobody seems to want to give Fisher any money.”  Look, Rob Portman is a Bush Republican.  That means he knows how to raise special interest money better than any incumbent in Congress (actual fact about Portman’s campaign.)  He also had no primary.

Lee had a competitive primary in which he spent a considerable amount of his money.  Of course, the first quarterly report after the primary is going to show a big cash-on-hand gap.

But did you know that Fisher’s fundraising more […]

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Notice how Kevin DeWhine, the Columbus Dispatch, John Kasich and his Boy Wonder, the Carpetblogger, have all been trying to make some sinister “criminal sounding” plot out of a public employees union supporting a politician because that politician has been a supporter of the union’s public policy proposals?

Finally, Mark Naymik of the Cleveland Plain Dealer smacks it down:

Federal law says union dues, or general revenue, cannot be given to politicians or political parties, or spent on candidate advertising.

A union’s political action committee — like AFSCME’s — is funded primarily not by dues, but […]

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Jon Keeling (R-VA), is all a flutter over yesterday’s campaign finance report for reasons that escape me.? Both candidates are uncontested in their primaries, so the only figure that really matters is cash on hand as it’s all about building up the biggest warchest you can before the general election starts in earnest.

On that front, Strickland holds an impressively lead:

Strickland Cash On Hand: $7,124,556.11

Kasich: $5,202,298.18

Difference:? $1,922,257.93

Now Keeling wants people to only focus on the fact that Kasich raised a little over $500k more than Strickland, but he ignores that Kasich also SPENT […]

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The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported today that Lee Fisher raised only over $500k this most recent FEC quarter.  That’s got to be he worst fundraising quarter so far (granted, it’ll still be more substantially more than Brunner.)  We’ve all known that a great deal of that $1.8 million cash-on-hand Fisher reported legally CANNOT be used for the primary (in fact, probably most of it cannot be used.)  Is his fundraising well starting to run dry?

Fisher unexpectedly started to run his ad earlier than announced, the PD also reported, with a statewide cable ad buy that will follow […]

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