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Do you think they’ll learn their lesson yet?

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Per my previous post, where I note that these people haven’t got the first clue about what they are doing, Henry Gomez finds yet another instance.

Yet as Smyers offered that critique, she was working actively to help elect Chris Ronayne, a council candidate in District 3. That same day, Ronayne’s campaign sent out?invitations for a March 10 fundraiser listing Smyers as one of more than two dozen “host committee” members….

“I think you raise an interesting question that I had not previously considered,” Smyers, who last year was a co-chair of the successful Issue 6 reform […]

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Yesterday’s dog and pony show in front of the previously private “public engagement” committee is a sad farce.? It used to stun me, how corrupt and enmeshed in conflicts of interest government in Cleveland has become, but now, it’s just a vaudevillian comedy act.

The transition process, for some reason, requires a massive consulting contract in order to communicate.? I have no idea why.? They didn’t want to be public in the first place, why the hell would you need a consultant?? Members of Congress have one press secretary, sometimes two.? Why this “transition” needs more is beyond my comprehension.


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