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So the biggest complaint from the right about Team Strickland’s first ad was that it recycled content from a previous ad.

At least the company that produced the ad owned the content that was recycled. The NRSC, however. Well…not so much. They hit Fisher with a web ad that borrowed content they didn’t own. They ripped it off from popular Ohio poliblog BSB. David Potts at BSB posted on the content lifting without attribution yesterday and followed up with a press release today with news they have asked YouTube to pull the ad down.

As […]

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Buckeye State Blog welcomes back Nick D. ?Good. ?We need more voices in the blogosphere on the left in Ohio, and Nick D was always a solid contributor. ?Nick, your voice is welcomed back, rock on. ?Except for one thing, which Nick touches on.

Secondly, I’m sure everyone here remembers the manner of my departure.

In case you don’t remember, Nick’s “manner of departure” was allowing Lee Fisher’s campaign to edit a Youtube interview before he posted it, then pretending it wasn’t a big deal. ?Nick then left BSB after nearly blowing the blog to smithereens, returning to […]

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I’d like to echo this point from Eric’s post about the Ohio blogosphere, with a real time lesson.

David is basically arguing that we need to go beyond the ?rhetoric? and start raising money. One problem with that. We don?t have the numbers of readers to effectively raise cash. We joke that nobody reads blogs and it?s half true. Great numbers of people don?t read blogs. The important few do, though. The thing is this demographic, while influential, isn?t the same demographic that will donate money based on their readership of blogs.

It is a rare race indeed, and […]

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DNC in Ohio? Of Course!

On November 10, 2009 By

I agree with Potts. Ohio would be a great place to have the Democratic National Convention. I’m torn though. I think a road trip really works better for blogging and documenting going to something like this. Driving to Cleveland or downtown Cbus doesn’t precisely qualify as a road trip. One thing’s for sure, we’d rock the coverage if it comes to our state. David may even get more than a couple posts up about it, including photos of his access badge! Heh. I kid. I actually love that kind of stuff.

Outside of our obvious OH-IO bias, what […]

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An Armageddon of Incompetence

On March 12, 2009 By

I’m not that up on my inside baseball lefty blog drama. Hell, I don’t even have time to fully read all the blogs I used to (and some new ones). I stumbled upon – no, hell, it ran me over via IMs, text messages, and phone calls last night – a recent episode that I think is quite instructive in many ways.

The first thing I heard was that ModernEsquire had quit BSB over the actions of another front pager and site administrator (there are two). Of course, this floored me. I regard Modern as one of the best […]

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A bit late on this, but I’ll use the Liam excuse. I figure it’s good for another few weeks.

Our friend and PlunderAlum Jerid Kurtz is leaving BSB to take a job and focus more on law school. Honestly, I’m not sure how he wasn’t forced to do this earlier. I’ve always been amazed that he’s been able to juggle both – knowing how hard it is to do good political blogging and anything else, much less law school!

I consider Jerid a good friend – despite the recent dustup over Ohio Presidential Primary fallout. I’ve had […]

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