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I swear I woke up this morning and it was 2006. Like groundhog day. I find Joe Hallett misrepresenting blogs and (after having admitted reading them) belittling them in a way that left his own credibility in the matter wanting. I also find Brian Rothenberg stepping into the blogosphere and getting his ass handed to him.

Let’s take them one at a time. Joe first.

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Rothenburg Takes on Maggie Thurber

On September 30, 2008 By

Former Lucas County Commissioner and Tom Noe conduit Maggie Thurber gets taken to the woodshed by Brian Rothenberg at ProgressOhio. I guess Maggie has been shilling for the payday lending industry, an issue ProgressOhio has been taking the lead on (Vote YES on Issue 5, btw).

Brian asks some really important questions (and gives some rhetorical answers):

1. Was it wrong to help Noe launder money? YES

2. Should the mess in Washington teach us the dangers of loosely regulated capital? YES

3. Is greed one of the seven deadly sins? YES

4. How should we vote […]

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My old boss and technophobe Brian Rothenberg is unbelievably doing high tech. things out in Denver. He’s using his cell phone to interview movers and shakers and get their thoughts and posting it on the Interwebs!

I just have to commend the job Dave Harding is doing in getting Brian up to speed with these things and also commend Brian for stepping out of his comfort zone to do it. Great work guys! The most recent is a candid interview with Brian’s former boss Chris Redfern. The Qik interface will let you watch all the other videos he’s […]

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…and that’s just the good news.

The bad news? He did do some work for them and I’ve been hearing about it from just about everybody that heard it and knew I started PO with Rothenberg back in 2006. Countless emails and IMs that basically all start “dude, wtf?”.

So here’s the truth of the matter, which neither Naugle or Russo had right.

Leo Jennings was paid in some capacity to do some work but was definitely NOT “hired” by PO. He was never in an employee relationship with PO. It’s still one of the dumbest […]

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Not that it’s the first time I’ve ever disagreed with Brian Rothenberg, but it’s time to do so again. Brian and I are famous for our squaring off over a dinner with Barack Obama. We even had a few roundabouts in the office when I worked at ProgressOhio.

So here we go again.

Brian’s latest Shadows on High column reads like a defense of Marc Dann. The argument? It’s just SEX (and the media are obsessing over it).

Well, it’s not just about sex. The lurid details about pajamas or no pajamas aside, this story is about […]

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