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What do you call it when someone puts out a falsehood in a campaign, gets corrected on the matter, but then continues to use said falsehood?

I call it fucking lying. Not sure about you.

Steve Austria and his campaign manager Brad Mascho continue to push this story about Sharen Neuhardt “harboring an illegal” right on the front page of their site. Even though the entire thing has been proven absolutely false. Over and over and over. Maybe someone in the press can ask them why they continue to lie to the voters of the […]

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Matt Hurley gets punked by Roll Call along with Steve Austria and Brad Mascho. There is no harboring of illegal alien. But thanks for smearing the young man! Great work. Fucktards.

From Roll Call:

According to court records, Umohoza is currently in the country legally. He was granted a temporary stay on June 24, 2005, by a U.S. District Court judge in southern Ohio. And most recently, a magistrate judge, Sharon Ovington, recommended last month that he be allowed to stay in the country, calling Umohoza ?the type of person ? hardworking, intelligent, ambitious, law-abiding ? who would normally […]

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I’m not sure how long Brad Mascho (Steve Austria’s campaign manager) has been in politics, but obviously not long enough to know much. The response from the Austria campaign to their dishonorable attack against a genocide refugee is just priceless. Grammatically and substantively. I’ll put the full release in the extended so you can laugh, but this one caught my eye:

It appears she is knowingly willing to ignore the law and court records.

Someone tell me how you unknowingly are willing to do something? English not Brad’s first language? I’m sure Brad would want immigrants (illegal or […]

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