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A friend sent me a link to a new video by New Left Media, who interviewed Sarah Palin supporters outside of the Borders bookstore in Dublin, Ohio. We saw this guy the morning of the event. He had a cameraman (nice camera) and an actual microphone and was interviewing people in line. His tactics are friendlier, but the stupidity still shines through:

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Ahum. That didn’t take long. I asked for it and it appears Team Obama is gonna give it to me (and many others all thinking and screaming the same thing: FIGHT!). This is really great to see and it’s only a warning shot straight across the bows of those who think it will work this time:

It’s called “Unfit for Publication,” but the subtitle could be: “We Are Not John Kerry’s Campaign.”

In an move that is one part genuine pushback and one part message-sending, Obama’s campaign has released a 41-page pdf file designed to rebut accusations […]

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