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Leave Bobby Jindal Alone!

On February 25, 2009 By

Leave him alone!

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The absolute highlight of Obama’s speech last night had nothing whatever to do with his speech. It was Bobby Jindal – the rising superstar of the Republican party – falling so flat on his face that it ceased to be funny and started to make you feel sorry for the guy.

It was abominable. Jaw droppingly so. These are moments when we sometimes see rising stars assert themselves. Jindal’s moment was a shooting star trailing off if anything.

Pure schadenfreude heaven. David Brooks makes it clear what a disaster this was for the Republican Party:

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Olbermann on Jindal: “Oh God”

On February 24, 2009 By

LOL. He shoulda waited until the end of the “speech”. Oh God bookends probably appropriate. I bet that’s what some Republicans were saying by the time he was done:

Seriously. This guy is bad. I made comparison to a Shamwow commercial, but I think this was even bad for an infomercial. Oh God!

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