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Bob Ney to be Released

On August 12, 2008 By

The favorite son of the Ohio wingnut blogosphere is about to be sprung:

CINCINNATI (AP) — A prison Web site says former Ohio congressman Bob Ney is scheduled for release from a halfway house after serving his time in connection with a corruption scandal.

I hear Matt Dole is throwing a party at Club 185 in honor of his release.

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Bob Ney has no sense of ethics

On January 31, 2007 By

Seriously. How else can you explain this?

Former Rep. Bob Ney kept his wife on his congressional campaign payroll through the end of last year, even though he dropped out of the race in early August, a report filed yesterday shows.

Elizabeth Ney was one of several campaign staff members who received paychecks in August, according to a Federal Elections Commission report.

But she was the lone recipient of a campaign salary through the rest of the year, getting about $850 every two weeks. Since the end of August, Mrs. Ney has been paid more than $6,800, according to […]

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The US House finally, and unanimously (who is gonna vote against THIS one?), voted to stop paying pensions to its members who are convicted of certain relevant felonies (e.g. bribery).

Unfortunately, this doesn’t cover those already convicted representatives like Bob Ney and, I assume, Youngstown’s own flamboyant (i.e. crazy) James Traficant.

Also- the bill passed by the Senate states that the new rules won’t kick in for another two […]

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