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There’s a big piece rising up the Kos rec list right now detailing where Jane Hamsher’s PAC spent its money.? Very revealing.? Here’s where over $169,000 of the PAC’s 2009 haul went.?? Look at the last line.

Libertas LLC is Cliff Schechter’s outfit.? Here’s his full client list which includes Hamsher’s Accountability Now PAC (and hilariously, Progress Ohio!)? Not sure how Bob Brigham’s self-proclaimed $4,000 a month managed to slip through the cracks, but here’s how Jane Hamsher dealt with such questions, according to the diarist, Rogers Cadenhead.

In an email […]

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Howie Klein from HuffPo left a comment here today as follows.

Tim, there’s a lot of legitimate anger towards corporate Democrats and towards Blue Dogs. Helping Republicans, though, is (AT BEST) naive. Today Digby had a great suggestion for using that anger towards helping elect BETTER Democrats ( Mary Jo Kilroy is a great example and there needs to be more Democrats like her, not more Republicans like Steve Stivers). Digby’s post:…

And we have a new Blue America page up that we hope people will use as a jumping off point towards helping elect better […]

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Someone else is wondering. ?Payola anyone?

They pay people to blog here; they manipulate the system to get on the rec list, including–as verified–using Twitter to drive people here to rec their posts as soon as they are made, regardless of what they contain.

As a result, they make it seem like their views are more popular than they are.

Here’s what I know about the public option campaign I got hoodwinked by. ?Bob Brigham told me he was paid $4,000 a month to do blogger outreach back in the summer. ?Others surely got paid to blog at […]

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Like the Kos diarist who called this to my attention, I didn’t know much about Jane Hamsher until she started getting paid to advocate for the public option. ?I never even read her blog, Firedoglake. ?I had barely come across her in 2008 as yet another whiny blogger complaining that the Obama campaign wasn’t advertising on her website. ?Called her out on it during the general. ?Called her out on her thinly veiled blackmail threat last summer. ?Told her to blow me once. ?Good times.

So it’s no surprise to me that Hamsher is now advocating […]

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Paul Hackett for AG?

On May 7, 2008 By

Draft Paul Hackett to replace Marc Dann? Um, no. Sorry Hack. You know I love you. Hell, you could even argue you’re the reason I’m sitting here typing.

But if we’re gonna plug an also-ran into the equation my favorite pick would have to be the guy who ran against Dann originally. One Subodh Chandra.

Even though Bob Brigham is excitedly calling around trying to drum up support for the idea…

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