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Joe already posted a really good review. I also would like to hereby nominate this as the PB phrase of the month:

And bringing Brian Hester on your show to talk almost exclusively about Twitter is like scoring a big interview with Stephen Hawking and forcing him to spend the entire time discussing his wheel chair.

Just. Awesome.

Modern also gives his take without having seen the tape. LOL. I drove down to Cbus to see Brian do the shoot and was duly sequestered in the lobby for the duration of the taping. Sad thing is I looked […]

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Ohio GOP Blogger Get Fired?

On December 16, 2009 By

Nothing since JUNE?? Did the official Ohio GOP blogger get fired?? There’s a 3 month blogging rule.? If you are dormant for 3 months you have to quit.? Of course, they weren’t very relevant even when they were blogging.? Anonymously I might add.? Just shut it down guys.? It was once a month or so anyway even when you did have something to say.? It’s clear they don’t care much about it.? They don’t even link it from their main site.? Makes this page look silly too.

ODP is a bit livelier, but going on a […]

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5,000 Strong!

On December 4, 2009 By

We recently hit the milestone of 5,000 posts here at PB. It’s pretty funny that this post was the one. Maybe that’s why it blew up the comments…or maybe it’s because we like a good diversion every now and again.

I’ve been watching the number get near the 5k mark and have driven Tim nuts with mentioning it. It’s a great milestone that marks 4 going on 5 years in the ‘sphere. We’re also approaching 10,000 comments. Plunderlicious.

Thanks to everyone who reads, comments, and most importantly those who blog! We should hit 10k in less than 4 […]

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Joseph noted that the lead suspect in the massacre of four police officers in the State of Washington was someone that former Arkansas Governor/National Kasich endorser Mike Huckabee.

This is days after Kyle Sisk said that Strickland’s political career may be over because he granted clemency (not a pardon) to a man who spent twelve years for a murder both the prosecutor and the trial judge has concluded he did not commit.

Curiously, after first removing from the post a gratuitous reference to the wrongfully convincted inmate’s race, Sisk has now scrubbed the post entirely from […]

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I’d like to echo this point from Eric’s post about the Ohio blogosphere, with a real time lesson.

David is basically arguing that we need to go beyond the ?rhetoric? and start raising money. One problem with that. We don?t have the numbers of readers to effectively raise cash. We joke that nobody reads blogs and it?s half true. Great numbers of people don?t read blogs. The important few do, though. The thing is this demographic, while influential, isn?t the same demographic that will donate money based on their readership of blogs.

It is a rare race indeed, and […]

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Of course nobody reads blogs and they should just shut the hell up. On the other hand, would this news have come if blogs had not pushed the issue? Some may posit that Brunner and Celeste were never going to get the endorsement anyway so it’s easy for them not to ask for it.

…which would miss the point entirely. This is about forcing the issue to expose an undemocratic insider process that ultimately gives us poorer candidates (Sherrod Brown probably a notable exception). Now nobody but Lee asks for it and ODP will kindly then be “forced” to […]

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John McCain is now in a very interesting position. Having lost the American people to an economic crisis and his foreign policy wheelhouse having been taken away from him by circumstance and blunder, McCain set off on a course that didn’t quite square with his deeply held personal beliefs of how to conduct oneself with honor and dignity. Indeed the firestorm of personal attacks against Barack Obama and the narrative that he is dangerous, pals with terrorists, and can’t be trusted was a hardball negative campaign tactic that surely must have been thrust upon John by the Steve Schmidt’s […]

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The Boston Globe makes a wordpile out of both the McCain and Obama blogs. The results are below:

The interesting thing? They are both obsessed with Obama! So maybe McCain’s own blog is partly responsible for his celebrity status. It doesn’t surprise me, really.

McCain: Obama, Visit, Cancelled!

Obama: Obama, Change, Hope!

Easy enough. Here is the PlunderWordle:

I love that chuckling is so prominent. 😉

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I’ve been remiss in posting a note about Memorial Day – mostly due to a newborn and having to plan and pack for a week-long trip to Germany. But hey, no excuses. I was reminded of it in an odd way. I get an IM from fellow PB blogger and good friend Joseph who pointed me to this post at WMD. Joe said WMD pisses him off, which is understandable.

I’d normally go the across the aisle kumbaya routine on this one as I think Memorial Day is something that should be spared our normal partisan antics. Mark, […]

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Tim Russo: No Longer Interrupted

On April 14, 2008 By

Today is the day. If you were wondering where Russo’s been, this is it:

If you enjoy Tim’s style and like it when he’s both barrels into the wind, you will not want to take your eyes off of this site for some time. If you don’t like Russo’s style but want to have a better understanding of politics in general, but Ohio politics specifically – again, don’t take your eyes off of this site. Democracy Guy is back…and he’s pissed.

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This is choice. Our favorite banned wingnut racist vile hate-blogger Ralph King was invited by wingnut racist vile hate-talker Bob Frantz to be on his radio show at WTAM. Of course they invited a lefty blogger to give the guise of some kind of “fair and balanced” spirit. I’ve not ever listened to Bob Frantz and probably won’t start, but I hear tell he’s a Limbaugh wannabe.

I’m all for media playing together and it’s a good sign when it happens (Joe and I have both been on the radio as have several other bloggers). This thing, […]

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