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The Carpetblogger’s continues his streak of being a cheerleader for failure.  Now, he’s attacking a favorable jobs report before it’s even been released!

Jon Keeling hates Democrats so much he cannot cheer good economic news if it doesn’t benefit his party.  It’s sickening.  What did Keeling have to say about the fact that Ohio is leading the nation in job creation last month…. Let me refresh your memory:

{{crickets chirping}}

Now, he’s complaining that Friday’s job report is going to inflated by some 400,000 temporary Census jobs.

I’ve got news for Keeling, the economy doesn’t care why people […]

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HuffPo photo FAIL

On June 1, 2010 By

Okay, here’s how much of a nerd I am.

Anyone notice anything wrong with the picture in this screen capture from Huffington Post?

Answer after the jump…

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The Carpetblogger is amazed at the “trend” that a bunch of Republican lawmakers from across Ohio all today issued separate press releases from different regions of Ohio today to discuss the economy.  Keeling wrote four posts about these releases, each one, more amazed at the coincidence that these lawmakers were saying the same thing at the same time.

It’s almost like these lawmakers didn’t actually release these press releases at all, but they were all issued in a coordinated fashion by the some central organization like… the Ohio Republican House Caucus, […]

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Well, it’s Rasmussen.? But when a poll that has been the most favorable polls for Republicans in Ohio shows they’re campaigns are faltering, you cannot ignore it.

Regardless, it shows that just days after winning the Senate Democratic primary, Lee Fisher is now running even with Portman in a general election match up.? Rasmussen was the only poll still consistently showing Portman with a general election advantage.? Just a month ago, Rasmussen notes it showed Portman with a seven point lead.

They show no real movement since last month in the gubernatorial race, which is also […]

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It doesn’t take a Magic 8 Ball? to answer this one. They’re either stupendous idiots or deliberately misleading. They think this guy is our governor:

Unfortunately, Interior chief of staff Ted Strickland wasn?t in the warm waters of the Gulf, but in the Grand Canyon on what the White House called a business-related trip.

Odd. Jake Tapper (who Ed Morrissey quotes) calls the above dude “Tom Strickland”. Because that’s his name. This is Ted Strickland, our Governor and recent guest on our BTR PlunderChat:

See why blogging gets a bad name? When you […]

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Live Primary Election Blog Talk Radio show Tuesday night from 10pm-12am.

Guest call-in number: (347) 327-9877 – (877) 503-5037

Listen and chat live here

Join us on primary election night for a special internet radio show live here starting at 10 p.m.

We have a few folks calling in, taking questions about their race, and talking about the general election.? Our guests will include:

Governor Ted Strickland (confirmed) U.S. Democratic Senate candidate/Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner (confirmed) Democratic Secretary of State candidate Maryellen O’Shaughnessy (confirmed) Ohio Treasurer Kevin Boyce (confirmed) Ohio House Majority Whip Jay Goyal (D-73) (confirmed) […]

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Earlier this month, Jon Keeling was practically crowing that Hugo Boss’ announcement that it was closing it’s Cleveland area plant was a recognition of the failure of leadership of Governor Strickland.? He mocked Strickland’s efforts to work with the unions to try to convince the company to keep the plant open.

Except it totally worked.

According to the Columbus Dispatch today, Hugo Boss announced that it was able to work out a deal with its union employees that will keep the plant operational, saving some 300 jobs.

Also, Hugo Boss admits that it was MAKING money […]

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Only a few weeks after sending out a statewide Republican ballot promoting Jon Husted and Yost’s “Tea Party values,” the ORP sent YET ANOTHER statewide Republican sample ballot mailer, this time with no Tea Party references.

Of course, they still label Husted with the word “conservative” like Frank Lutz with ideological Tourette’s Syndrome.

Only two weeks left to the GOP primary, and yet despite a national Tea Part protest, the Ohio GOP is in open war with the Tea Party, not a single ORP-endorsed candidate spoke at any of the large Tea Party rallies in Ohio, and John Kasich, the […]

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The same logo used in Jon Husted’s lit piece is being protested by GOP State Central Committee candidates in Butler County.

They’ve even issued a SCAM ALERT on their campaign website:

The Ohio Republican Party (ORP) under the leadership of Kevin DeWine, recently spent over $330,000 for campaign direct mailings. Most state wide mailings include a “look-alike” Tea Party logo, seen below, in an attempt to scam and confuse potential voters into believing these candidates are endorsed by Tea Party organizations.
They are NOT.

In many cases the candidates promoted by the ORP have never […]

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Joseph did a good job point out the obvious flaw of The Other Paper story, by pointing out that first the Paper only mentioned something that amounted to a cost of $4k/per year, but then also neglecting to mention that the Strickland Administration has saved nearly a quarter of a million dollars by using the State plane less than Bob Taft did.

The problem is that Matt Naugle and the Carpetblogger from Virginia are so desperate to go dirty on Strickland and sling mud that they eagerly ran with the Other Paper‘s story without […]

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Pt. I😕 You?d think there?d be drugs involve in a drug raid? Pt. II: Trooper lied; the Dispatch denies Pt. III: Former Patrol leader mislead the Senate Committee about prior Patrol/KKK photo flap.

Reginald Fields’ story in today’s Plain Dealer?is the first real newsstory that puts the so-called “Troopergate” political mess into perspective.? The entire thing is just a trumped up scandal motivated by politics.

It all stems from Governor Strickland’s efforts to bring a wayward Ohio Highway Patrol back into line.

You’d be hard pressed to make a case that the […]

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