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Love me some ME

On August 13, 2008 By

ModernEsquire is back at his own place – though still front paging at BSB as well. I’ve always dug ME and it sucked to have to argue with him during the Obama/Hillary primaries. Glad we are again on the same side. ME is one tough cookie. No other person I’d like beside me when banging on righties. Good luck with your new/old site Modern!

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Barack Obama assassinated, age 46.

That’s what was written down.

It was envisioned. It was contemplated. Then it was written down.

I completely understand controversial and catchy headlines – being a fan of them myself – but this seems to cross a line even with me. I understand the point that Tim is trying to make and it’s no secret he and I are friends and I think he does some of the best stuff around when he’s on.

But it made me sad that he decided to go here. To take what you and Full Story...

Getting lectured by Ralph King on class is akin to getting lectured on civil rights by David Duke. It’s funny – I don’t care who you are. Wittle Walphie’s ears were hurt because big bad Eric used some awful naughty words in one of his wecent posts.

Let’s remember that Ralph resides at the bottom of the wingnut barrel of racist, homophobic, misogynistic ranting lunatics. Here are just a few recent examples of his high brow classy commentary:

King on May 24th, 2008 4:54 pm
Metro-sexual is another term for being half-a-fag.
Real men will vote […]

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