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Just so you know for sure there is no real rhyme or reason for how YouTube videos take off and get picked up, Tim’s video of over a month ago doubled views today thanks to mentions in Huffington Post and The Rachel Maddow Show tonight. It appears Tim has hit upon yet another meta theme that is catching on.

Again, seriously good work.

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Tim Russo of BloggerInterrupted does it again. His now world famous Sarah Palin Mob is a blog/YouTube classic and was a 2008 Presidential campaign narrative changer.

This time Tim, whose mastery of giving the opposition enough video rope to hang themselves is unequaled, catches Cleveland’s “Tea Party” protesters in all their glory. They don’t call Barack Obama a terrorist, they call President Barack Obama Un-American. Literally. As in he was not born in this country and is not really the President.


You not.

One quick observation here. Aren’t conservatives and Republicans the ones who make […]

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Tim talks to Bob Mulholland, a California super delegate. Bob thinks this thing should go all 12 rounds and doesn’t mind the candidates getting roughed up a bit.

”I don’t think either of these candidates is prepared for the general election yet,” said Mulholland. ”You don’t get to the Super Bowl if your jersey is clean.”

I happen to think this is precisely wrong and that there is a very fine line between seasoning our candidates and hurting the party and our chances in November. It’s not so much about the candidates and the vetting, but about the […]

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