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The short and simple of it:

McCain lacks the character and temperament to be president. And Palin is simply a disgrace.

The takeaway:

It therefore seems to me that the Republican Party has invited not just defeat but discredit this year, and that both its nominees for the highest offices in the land should be decisively repudiated, along with any senators, congressmen, and governors who endorse them.

If there was a wingnut blogger on the right in Ohio with any stones whatsoever, that person would come out and repudiate both McCain AND Palin. But there isn’t, so they won’t.

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Potts on AAM Canidate’s Forum

On April 15, 2008 By

Just picked up a Tweet 5 minutes ago about David posting on his experience in Pittsburgh (another reason to use Twitter, Tim!). I posted some video taken at this event as has others, but it’s always great to see some local blogger coverage. Kudos to David for asking and getting credentials. Check out his post.

David confirms the reports of Clinton getting heckled for attacking Obama with “bittergate” for a fourth straight day!

Clinton’s speech started out on a bad note. She made an allegation that Obama had spent most of his speech attacking her was met with […]

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