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Yeah, I’m stunned, too.

Tom Blumer actual wrote these words and put them on the Internets about last week’s July jobs report:

And that number is … pretty darned good — so good that I wonder if the press is all of a sudden going to discover the virtues of looking at actual results instead of the ones that are seasoned: …

The +91K seen on the ground in July is 191,000 jobs better than the acceptability benchmark set before the report came out. That’s impressive. The Birth/Death model isn’t skewing things either. The GM factor I cited earlier […]

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The Kansas City Star’s Steve Kraske, BizzyBlog’s Tom Blumer, and BizzyBlog Commenter Joe C. are all dumb as boxes of rocks. They read the following quotes and come to the conclusion that Barack Obama is not going to run for a second term in 2012:

“You know, if – if I feel like I’ve made the very best decisions for the American people and three years from now I look at it and, you know, my poll numbers are in the tank and because we’ve gone through these wrenching changes, you know, politically, I’m in a tough […]

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Consider this my blood curdling scream or whatever. Tom Blumer, our favorite wingnut lunatic faux financial blogger hailing from the southwest corner of the state, has what he thinks is a compelling post up that claims he’s settled once and for all the issue of whether Fox News is fair and balanced or not. He claims they are and he can prove it. Surprise!

Aside: I once called Tom a motherfucker to make a rhetorical point. One he has not been able to defend as yet. He took it personally having thought I was actually calling him […]

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I thought the H1N1 vaccine was a plot to kill us, so we shouldn’t want it.? Or was it a socialist scheme to brainwash our children?? No, today it’s a scheme to favor those black kids in public schools over conservative brainwashing….er….I mean those precious home schooled balls of joy who aren’t around other kids and can’t infect huge numbers of children if they get the flu!

I am a patient adversary. As such, I will wait patiently for the opportunity to wage the war of Armageddon against these hypocritical brood of vipers?and oh what a glorious war that […]

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Just in time to prove Tim right, we have Rose at Tom Blumer’s Bizzyblog:

The hood goes to the fort? Are you fucking kidding me? Is this serious?

Pho, I think the racism may be driving them to the crazy my friend.

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Despite his inability to apologize for intimating the current sitting President of the United States was a terrorist, Tom continues to demand MY apology for creative use of the English language to make a point. Yes. I once and often called Tom Blumer Tom “Motherfucker” Blumer. To make a point that he is still incapable of grasping. It’s called rhetoric. Smart folks get the shit. Ignorant wingnuts apparently do not. (Actually if you Google Tom and motherfucker it’s the first result. Same thing for Tom Blumer motherfucker. No telling who would do that, but we own it […]

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Bizzy Pulls a Blog Fart

On April 30, 2009 By

Kinda like a brain fart…for blogs. I was confused while reading the latest post over at Tom Blumer’s place I couldn’t make sense of the post at all. It’s down now and I guess wasn’t meant to be seen. I only wish the contents were more juicy.


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He’s at it again. Though quiet mostly just after the New Yorker cover, Tom Blumer is “bizzy” trying to hint that Obama is a terrorist. Wink wink. Nudge nudge:

Here’s more proof (as if needed) that the ingrates who don’t like how I use Barack Obama’s middle name don’t appreciate the favor I do for him on a mostly-daily basis.

Scott Whitlock at NewsBusters reports that columnist Thomas Friedman of the quickly-contracting New York Times told Good Morning America’s Diane Sawyer the following:

I was in Cairo a few weeks ago. And one of things that was so […]

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Russo on Rebel Tom: Secret Audio

On April 15, 2008 By

Tim is obviously having a lot of fun being back at it. Taking shots at Blumer is something I support fully. You have to see his featured post image on the front page:

Here’s the post

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