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Is there anyone dirtbag Republican lawyer and failed candidate for Columbus mayor Bill Todd won’t represent?

For-profit Charter School PACs that illegally funnel contributions to Republican candidates…

Anti-womens’ rights groups that want to run illegal issue ads…

Bogus non-profits that run illegal campaign ads and then illegally hide the names of their contributors…

hmmm… I guess not.

So I guess it should come as no surprise that he’s now representing Payday lenders – suing the state for the right to charge poor Ohioans 391 percent interest for small loans!

I’ve really tried to stay neutral on […]

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Bill Todd, long-time dirtbag Republican lawyer and recent, failed Columbus Mayoral Candidate, filed a federal lawsuit yesterday on behalf of Ohio Right to Life.

The anti-abortion group wants to run so-called “issue ads” that mention specific candidates’ names all the way up until the November election.

Current state law forbids such ads from running 30 days prior to the election.

According to the AP, Ohio Right to Life wants to run radio and tv ads on “the issue” of the State Senate’s proposed ban on human cloning- and in those ads wants to mention the names of Ohio Republican […]

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Anyone want to guess which Republican Attorney is representing All Children Matter, the David Brennan-related PAC that just got fined by the Ohio Elections Commission for illegally funneling contributions through Virgina?

Go ahead guess. It’s not that hard…

Yep. It IS Bill Todd – former Republican Candidate for Columbus Mayor.

No surprise here though since Todd got a huge portion of his Mayoral campaign contributions from David Brennan.

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Honesty In Campaign Ads

On October 14, 2007 By

The Dispatch has a good piece today that picks apart the crime figures used in the campaign ads of the Columbus Mayoral candidates.

And, of course, Bill Todd’s ad takes the stats out of context:

Todd’s most recent radio ad cites a 2006 murder rate in Columbus that was higher than those in New York and Los Angeles. What he doesn’t mention: The September FBI report he uses shows Columbus’ rate was lower than Cincinnati’s, Cleveland’s and 23 other cities’ with populations of more than 250,000.

And so, I am reminded, of one of the most honest campaign ads […]

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That Jerid is a pretty smart kid. He pointed out the other day that Bill Todd’s school funding lawsuit was one big publicity stunt. And now, Buckeye Institute is playing right along, calling the suit a “21st Century Brown vs. Board of Education”.

Of course, “playing along” probably isn’t a strong enough phrase, since Todd is using BI BS as the foundation of his case. This reeks of cooperation.

I wonder how long it took Todd to find someone named Brown to use as the plantiff?

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I was out of commission yesterday, and most of the good stuff was already picked up in the rest of the Ohio ‘sphere, including this nugget, which is way too important for a Central Ohio blog to neglect to mention.

Bill Todd got 22% of his current funds for his Mayoral campaign from one David Brennan. You remember David Brennan, right? You should – we’ve talked about him quite a bit.

In case you are too lazy to look it up, Brennan is the Chairman of White Hat, the Akron-based charter school company. And […]

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Todd & Tiberi colluding?

On July 20, 2007 By

Jerid pointed out yesterday that Todd’s press conference on Wednesday was a little ahead of the curve:

Anyways, the real meat here is that Todd scheduled this press conference before the grant announcements he cites was released to the public. Kinda strange right? Like Todd has a man on the inside or something.

Apparently, scuttlebutt is that the info may have come from Tiberi’s office, which would be illegal. I’m sorry I didn’t notice this first, but I’ve been a little too busy this week to be paying as much attention as I should. Now that I’ve got something […]

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Why wingers don’t get it

On June 29, 2007 By

So, we here at PB have taken some heat for attacking Matt Naugle for his falsehoods and irrelevant personal attacks. I understand that some people think we are wasting our time, and to a certain extent, I understand that view.

But I also understand that the “most prominent right-wing blog in Ohio” has a responsibility – be a good citizen in the blogging community. Lying about the facts is not a part of good citizenship. Neither is attacking family members of politicians or bloggers. I think ignoring these attacks is a mistake. I believe that this kind of […]

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William M. Todd, Republican candidate for Columbus Mayor, and

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