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If you spend any time on social media or at meetings of progressive activists you’ll know that progressive voters care about policy issues. Like, they really care.  Way more than they care about parties or most politicians. And, if you’re running for Governor, the best way to share your views on issues is to post them to a website.

The conversation this cycle comes thanks to Rich Cordray, who has frustrated the state’s voters–or at least the ones who haven’t met him in person–by failing to outline any policy solutions on his official website. And boy do we hear about […]

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Latest issue of the Independent is about to hit the streets, here are more pieces from this edition – I have a blurb on the District 3 county council race’s conflict of interest extravaganza, and one on the Lancer event with Jennifer Brunner. ?James has a piece on Bill Mason covering up his texting habits (could use a lawyer!), and one on Bill O’Neill’s run against Steve Latourette.

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Bill O’Neill, the Dem candidate in Ohio’s 14th, smacks down LaTourette’s horrible gas reimbursement plan in today’s News-Herald.

LaTourette’s plan is typical of the really bad ideas being proposed by Republicans this year in response to rising fuel prices.

Instead of trying to cut consumption and reduce our dependence on oil, LaTourette proposes a reimbursement of 4 cents per mile to commuters.

Here’s O’Neill’s response…

“I don’t think, if I take a lot of time, that I could come up with a worse idea,” O’Neill said.

“This piece of legislation will increase consumption, gas prices, will increase […]

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